M I A - ARULAR - GRIME - Mash of Electro - Dancehall Hip-hop - DIPLO - 2LP

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M.I.A. - Arular

Interscope USA

2LP US Import..

Record NEW
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GRIME - Mash of Electro - Dancehall Hip

Record 1

1 Banana Skit
2 Pull Up The People
3 Bucky Done Gun

4 Freedom
5 Fire, Fire
6 Amazon

Record two

8 One For The Head Skit
9 Hombre
10 Bingo

11 10 Dollar
12 Sunshowers
13 Galang

.......(Grime)politicized party jams are a mad mish-mash of electro, dancehall, hip-hop, and world music styles.

As you probably know we’ve been loving the build up to this album, ever since ‘Galang’, the mindboggling genius of the Diplo mixed ‘Piracy Funds Terrorism’ and the other Diplo productions - ‘Pull up the people’ and more received maximum hammer round these parts. If the story behind M.I.A’s life wasn’t incredible enough, the music here really threatens to tear up any rulebooks in sight, it looks and sounds great, the lyrics are spot on, production amazing, genuinely zeitgeist bending stuff. Dancehall, hip-hop, rock, grime, electro and more all pile into the Miablender, bumping tunes and certainly heavily addictive, ‘Arular’ will be deservedly massive this summer, and how often can that truthfully be said. Brilliant album – great artist – maximum respect

M.I.A. track Pull up The People from her first album.

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M.I.A - Galang (Sims 2)

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her chanting at the end of the song runs thousands and thousands of chills down my spine

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Condition New
Format 2LP
Label Interscope