Makaveli - 2 Pac - The Don Killuminati (The 7 Day Theory) 2002 Hip Hop 2LP

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Makaveli - The Don Killuminati (The 7 Day Theory)

Label: Death Row
Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP, Reissue
Country: US
Released: 2002
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Thug Rap


A1 Intro
A2 Bomb First (My Second Reply)
Producer – Darryl Harper
A3 Hail Mary
Producer – Hurt-M-Badd
A4 Toss It Up
Vocals – Jodeci
Producer – Dametrius Ship, Reggie Moore

B1 To Live & Die In LA
Featuring – Val Young
Producer – QD III
B2 Blasphemy
Producer – Hurt-M-Badd
B3 Life As An Outlaw
Producer – Darryl Harper, Makaveli

C1 Just Like Daddy
Producer – Hurt-M-Badd
C2 Krazy
Producer – Darryl Harper
C3 White Man'z World
Producer – Darryl Harper

D1 Me And My Girlfriend
Producer – Darryl Harper, Hurt-M-Badd, Makaveli
D2 Hold Ya Head
Featuring – Tyrone Wrice
Producer – Hurt-M-Badd
D3 Against All Odds
Producer – Hurt-M-Badd
Co-producer – Makaveli

Featuring – Outlaw Immortalz

The first in a long series of posthumous recordings (bootleg and otherwise) released after his death in September of 1996. Coming only eight weeks after the rapper was shot and in the same year as his massive "All Eyez On Me" double album, the new album and alias caught industry insiders by surprise. Even those who expected a disc of his unreleased songs or a "Greatest Hits" retrospective would have waited until '97 when a "respectable" amount of time had gone by since he passed. The always unconventional Death Row Records shared no such sentiments.
What followed was a firestorm of controversies related to the album; the best known of these being the theories that Tupac Shakur never really died. While the truth is that Shakur was a prodigiously prolific writer with a penchant for marathon recording sessions in the studio, people seemed hard- pressed to accept that he had a whole album worth of material ready to go before he died. To them, he obviously faked his own death to avoid his enemies as well as more jail-time, and his very alias "Makaveli" was proof. Renaissance writer Niccolo Machiavelli wrote a now infamous treatise called "The Prince" which advocated deception to fool your enemies and advance political causes. Shakur himself may have chosen the alter-ego from being inspired by reading this treatise, but contrary to popular belief Machiavelli did not fake his OWN death - he died quietly and in poor health in June of 1527; almost 450 years before Shakur was even born.

"Definition: Makaveli
The predetermination of Tupac Amaru Shakur (Date of Birth name: Lesane Parish Crooks) that his life or death would lead to the beginning of a wide spread phenomena of a thug nation created by his definition. "
Anybody here question the success of this point?
"Killuminati 2183 up, 316 down
Pac was talking about killing illuminati. Illuminati is the elite ruling circle, the 34th degree of the Freemason click, which is a century old brotherhood of anglo-saxon protestants."

2Pac - Makaveli - Hail Mary -

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Makaveli featuring Val Young - To Live & Die in L.A

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Format 2LP
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