Massive Attack - Protection - 1994 Tracey Thorn Horace Andy Tricky - UK Trip Hop - Sealed 180 Grm LP

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Massive Attack - Protection

Label: Wild Bunch Records

Circa – 5700962, Circa – 00602557009620, Wild Bunch Records – 5700962, Wild Bunch Records – 00602557009620

Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, 180 Gram
Dec 2, 2016

Downtempo, Dub, Trip Hop

Country: UK
Released: 1994
Genre: Electronic
Style: Downtempo, Dub, Trip Hop


Protection 7:52
Karmacoma 5:18
Three 3:49
Weather Storm 5:00
Spying Glass 5:23

Better Things 4:21
Eurochild 5:07
Sly 5:27
Heat Miser 3:41
Light My Fire (Live) 3:15

This album is often derided as the only misstep in the distinguished career of Massive Attack. True, it is not as immediate as "Blue Lines" or as coherent as "Mezzanine", but "Protection" has an allure all its own. That the songs don't seem to fit together is part of the album's charm and appeal. Tracy Thorn kicks off the festivities with the epic title track, giving voice to one of the most poignant and evocative love (or is it anti-love) songs ever recorded.

As is always the case with MA, the production is stellar and a harbinger of things to come (Thorn also turns up on the pleasant, but bland "Better Things"). 3-D and a pre-solo career Tricky share rapping duties on the harrowing "Karmacoma", a stark, head nodding blend of rap and reggae. Billie Holliday sound alike, Nicolette takes over vocals on "Three", seamlessly navigating the song's watery groove.

Scottish composer/producer Craig Armstrong makes the first of three appearances on this album with "Weather Storm". It's not MA's strongest track, but it succeeds in creating a late night, quiet storm vibe. Elsewhere, Armstrong, conducts the strings on the amazing "Sly" (a Jungian tale sung with appropriate mysticism and mystery by Nicolette); and tickles the ivories on the new agish "Heat Miser". Tricky and 3-D return to the mic on the sleek, city song "Eurochild". MA regular Horace Andy appears on the sinewy "Spying Glass" (a reworking of his own tune "Spy Glass"), and the album closing live cover of the Doors' "Light My Fire". In both instances, his vocal stylings are a perfect compliment to MA's reggae-oriented dance jams.

Following up a masterpiece like "Blue Lines" was always going to be tricky (no pun intended); but with the all-over-the-map "Protection", MA managed to move forward without sacrificing any of their originality or spirit.

Massive Attack - Karmacoma

Masterpiece, long life to trip hop.

Massive Attack - Sly

Love the lyrics....very haunting.

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