Mikal Cronin - MC II - Garage Rock LP

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Mikal Cronin - MC II

Label: Merge Records
Cat#: MRG475
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
has inner lyric sleeve
Country: US
Released: 07 May 2013
Genre: Rock
Style: Power Pop, Garage Rock


A1 Weight
A2 Shout It Out
A3 Am I Wrong
A4 See It My Way
A5 Peace Of Mind

B1 Change
B2 I'm Done Running From You
B3 Don't Let Me Go
B4 Turn Away
B5 Piano Mantra

2nd solo album from California artist--absolutely killer guitar power pop. Sweet rockin' songs with melodies that stick in your head and encourage humming along. Simple, straightforward,
subtly addictive tunes that will earn a place in your listening routine. Includes guest spots from Ty Segall. Shades of Tommy Keene, Sloan, Nada Surf, Jeremy Morris, Fountains Of Wayne, Guided By Voices, Redd Kross.

While Mikal Cronin's previous work shared a lot in common with longtime partner-in-crime Ty Segall's fuzzed-out garage-psych, 'MCII' finds him shedding much of the psych and adding a heavy dose of power-pop, and to excellent effect. Mikal has always leaned towards poppier, more hook-laden territory than Segall, but this album finds him really growing into a first-rate songwriter of infectious, just-plain-catchy tunes.

The fuzz hasn't been abandoned, however. Songs like "Shout It Out" and "See It My Way" will immediately shift from light, acoustic balladry to all-out, "amps to 11" grungy garage-rock, without ever losing the sunny-yet-wistful vibe that permeates the album. The lyrics, though dealing in the standard "love" and "loves lost" realm, are top-notch (even if a bit sugary-sweet at times), which is something of a rarity among many modern garage acts. Cronin's mastery of loud-quiet dynamics is on full display as well, recalling 90's grunge more than modern garage, as evidenced by the stellar string-laden rocker "Change."

'MCII' might not have been the album I was expecting, or even hoping for from Mikal Cronin, but after a few listens there was really no resisting his charming, hook-heavy and harmonies-laden power pop. This album finds Cronin stepping out of Segall's shadow, proving he's an excellent songwriter in his own right. Considering he played every instrument on the album--other than the occasional blistering guitar solo from Segall--he's also an immensely talented musician, almost annoyingly so to someone like me who struggles to play even one instrument.

And I have a feeling he'll be annoying more than a handful of songwriters for many years to come.

Mikal Cronin - Am I Wrong

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Mikal Cronin MCII Teaser - Weight

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Format LP
Label Merge Records