MOS DEF - True Magic - 2006 Hip Hop 2LP

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Mos Def - True Magic
Label: Geffen Records
Catalog#: 0602517060579
Format: Album 2LP

Country: US
Released: 29 Dec 2006
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Conscious


1 True Magic (2:52)
2 Undeniable (4:16)
3 U R The One (3:58)
4 Thug Is A Drug (2:53)


5 Crime & Medicine (3:09)
6 A Ha (2:36)
7 Dollar Day (5:10)
8 Napoleon Dynamite (2:00)


9 There Is A Way (3:28)
10 Sun, Moon, Stars (4:39)
11 Murder Of A Teenage Life (3:26)


12 Fake Bonanza (4:11)
13 Perfect Timing (4:14)
14 Lifetime (5:47)

Mos Def released True Magic, his last solo album on Geffen Records, on December 29, 2006. The production is solid though simple, and shows hints of each of Mos’ past directions, including rock, blues and experimental sounds, while maintaining a comprehensive return to straight hip-hop. Mos’ flows stay innovative, and he manages to find several unique methods of slinging rhymes or singing hooks over the often head-nodding beats. And as always, Mos comes correct lyrically, discussing topics ranging from love and anger to politics and society, while the album seems based around Mos Def’s verses, something his last album did not. Overall, I think it’s a great album.

Mos Def is back doing hip hop after the thick stylistic mulch that was his previous LP -- with production by Pharrell, Minnesota and others -- with loose, nimble rhymes and straight up, raw, unfussy production. True Magic finds Mos Def in a laidback zone -- generally without the righteous b-boy polemics and occasional straight up anger that characterized his classic Black On Both Sides -- but still with a casual swagger, wit and limber hip hop linguistics.

(Please note: This is the limited edition pre release. The LPs have this label and come in a clear, thick plastic sleeve. An altered version of the CD is purportedly due this spring -- no word on a second version of the vinyl just yet.)

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Format 2LP
Label Geffen