Myles Bigelow ‎– Hand Crafted - 2018 Vancouver Modern Latin Jazz and Soul Electronic - Purple Vinyl - Sealed LP 100 Copies Only

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Myles Bigelow ‎– Hand Crafted
Deep Culture Music ‎–
Vinyl LP 
 100 Copies Only
, Stereo
2020 vinyl Issue
Jazz, Latin, Funk / Soul / House

Dedication To Cosmic Creation
Myles Bigelow
The Light Within You feat. Karina Morin & Sly5thAve
Myles Bigelow
Fade feat. Orlando "Maraca" Valle
Myles Bigelow
Amazonia feat. Edgar Manuela
Myles Bigelow
Let Me Breathe feat. Karina Morin & Orlando "Maraca" Valle
Myles Bigelow
La Tierra feat. Toto Berriel
Myles Bigelow
All songs Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Myles Bigelow
1. “Dedication to Cosmic Creation”
Written: M.Bigelow
Arranged: M.Bigelow
Myles Bigelow: Congas, Timbales, Djembe, Shakers, Bells, Wood Blocks, Rain Stick
Dave Say: Soprano Sax
Aidan Miller: Rhodes
2. “Dope Montuno”
Written: A.Carasquerro
Arranged: A. Carrasquero, M. Bigelow
Myles Bigelow: Congas, Timbales, Compana, Guiro, Tempest
Toto Berriel: Shekere, Caja
Miguelito Valdes: Trumpet
Andre Carrasquero: Various synths
Aidan Miller: Synth lead solo
Al Johnston: Electric Bass
3. “The Light Within You” feat. Karina Morin & Sly5thAve
Written: M.Bigelow
Arranged: M.Bigelow
Myles Bigelow: Congas, Timbales, Cymbals, Shakers, Hi Hats, Agogo Bell, Cuica
Karina Morin: Vocals
Sly 5th Ave: Saxaphone
Justin Stanton: Keys
David Spidel: Bass
4. “Fade “ feat. Orlando “Maraca” Valle
Written: M.Bigelow, O.Valle
Arranged: O. Valle, M.Bigelow
Myles Bigelow: Congas, Claps, Shakers
Toto Berriel: Bata
Orlando “Maraca” Valle: Flute
Russ Klyne: Guitar
Johnny Tobin: Keys, Bass synth
Los Duendes: Claps
5. “Amazonia”
Written: M.Bigelow, C.Matson-Jones
Arranged: M.Bigelow
Myles Bigelow: Congas, Bongos, Timbales, Shakers, Atmospheric percussion
Eduardo : Flute
Colin Matson-Jones: Guitar
Jean Se ?: Bass
Sangito Bigelow: Cajon
Lilly : Clave
6. “Astro Latin”
Written: A.Carrasquero
Arranged: A. Carrasquero, M. Bigelow
Myles Bigelow: Congas, Timbales, HiHats, Compana, Tempest
Toto Berriel: Shekere
Trumpet: Miguelito Valdes
Keys: Andre Carrasquero
Bass: Al Johnston
7. “Let Me Breathe” feat. Karina Morin & Orlando “Maraca” Valle
Written: M.Bigelow
Arranged: M. Bigelow
Myles Bigelow: Congas, Bongo, Timbales, HiHats, Shakers
Orlando “Maraca” Valle: Flute
Karina Morin: Vocals
Russ Klyne: Guitar
David Spidel: Upright Bass
8. “La Tierra” feat. Toto Berriel
Written: M.Bigelow, T. Berriel
Arranged: M. Bigelow
Myles Bigelow: Congas, Timbales, Compana,
Toto Berriel: Vocals, Bata
Miguelito Valdes: Trumpet
Russ Klyne: Guitar
David Spidel: Bass

"What better way could I share the musical journey I’ve experienced over the last 20 plus years than to create a recording project that reflects that life long journey? How could I best show that progression to other people that dates back as far as early childhood when I participated in experimental music classes? Or the influence of that hefty vinyl jazz collection my father constantly played in the house? Or the in depth knowledge retained from Berklee College of music (Boston), or Instituto Superior De Artes University (Havana Cuba)? How could I share with other people the musical influences gained from living in many significantly different cultural surroundings? Or experience the years of sound inputs that influenced my personal development gained from touring with bands around the world? What would a project look and sound like that encompassed the multiplicity of musical influences allowing others to hear and feel that breadth of experience? The conclusion, craft an album that incorporates the sounds and structures that have had the most profound influence on my music journey to date."
Percussionist and Music Producer Myles carefully crafted this album entirely on his own with a clear intention of answering those exact questions. His connection to the project at every step was completely hands on and always approached with careful thought. As all beautiful hand crafted items in this world, this album was created with the same dedication, respect and passion. This album never left Myles's side. He wrote, recorded, performed percussion, mixed it and mastered it. Every step was kept close to him and everything was done according to his standard. Add to that a roster of musicians who play at the highest caliber and shared his vision. Cuban musicians such as world renown flute player Orlando “Maraca” Valle (Irakere), Trumpet player Miguelito Valdes (Afro Cuban Allstars, Omara Portundo) and Afro Cuban percussionist Toto Berriel (Los Munequitos). Add to that roster Saxaphonist Sly5thAve (Prince) Keyboardist Justin Stanton (Snarky Puppy) Guitarist Rus Klyne (K-OS, Nelly Furtado) and you have the makings of an exciting sounding record.
The final outcome of this record became the combination of Jazz, Latin, Soul and Groove all into a melting pot. Executed by high caliber musicians who all humbly shared the same vision and executed it to perfection. For Myles this album reflects his life long journey accomplished to date. The roller coaster ride of life that was shaped by his journey and emotions can all be heard in this album. “Hand Crafted” is the story of a percussionist on a wild adventure who took a moment to tell his story in a musical context.
From Boston to Cuba, Montreal to LA, New York to Vancouver, Myles has done everything he needed to do to cultivate his sound from drum skins to bass bins. It started in his early years as a Hand Percussionist winning the Lionel Hampton Jazz festival as a soloist. Later Myles attended Berklee College of Music as well as Cuban National School of Arts in Havana, Cuba. He has performed and recorded with artists such as Alex Cuba (Grammy winner), Orlando "Maraca" Valle (Grammy nominee), K-OS (Juno winner), and Alpha Yaya Diallo (Juno winner) to name a few.
Since that time Myles has turned his attention to his own projects recording and releasing EPs and albums worldwide. His music has been released on Vinyl with labels such as Osunlade's "Yoruba records" Joe Claussell's "A Typical Dopeness" and Myles's own label "Deep Culture Music". Myles performs internationally as band or Dj/ Percussionist. The sound has been cultivated through a number of styles including Jazz Fusion, Latin, Electronica, House and HipHop. Myles blazes his own path uninterested in the journey to fit in but rather stand out. His only concern is his ability to continue to mature and refine his sound like fine wine.
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