Nailbiter - Abused - Metal - Hardcore Punk - Red Vinyl - 7 Trk 12 EP

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Nailbiter - Abused

Label: Hardcore Holocaust Records – HHR012
Format: Vinyl, LP, Mini-Album, Red
Orange vinyl limited to 500, the rest (this) on red vinyl.
Has Inner Sleeve
Country: US
Released: 2003
Genre: Rock
Style: Hardcore, Punk, Heavy Metal


A1 Blade
A2 Breathing
A3 Steel And Stone
A4 Dribbling Hunter

B1 No Return
B2 Fight 'Till The End
B3 Daughters Of Pride

Written-By – Anti Cimex

Mixed By – Nailbiter

Taking their name from an Anti Cimex song, this UK trio (whose members are originally from Brazil and Italy) dishes out some thick and powerful hardcore that, just as the label accurately proclaims, is a mix of heavy Scandinavian and Japanese hardcore with some Motörhead thrown in for good measure.

I hate to basically reiterate that point, but damn if isn't pretty much dead on. Expect fairly quick songs with lots of churning chord progressions and burly vocal shouts, as well as some rock-based rhythms and solos to boot. It's a pretty straightforward record. There's not a great deal of diversity from song to song, but you can definitely sense their core influences playing a role in each track.

If you told me this band was from Japan I'd probably fall for it, because the vocals really have a crazy indecipherable ring to them, and I love that aspect. Darker tracks like "Blade" definitely stand out, what with the killer intro of clean guitars and the slower, more melodic leads.

And of course they throw in a cover of Anti Cimex ("Daughters of Pride") to end the record. I love the recording. This fucker is chock full of great distorted textures on both the guitar and the bass, with natural sounding drums and a solid mix that keeps everything dense and even. I don't have any complaints, really. The vocals can get slightly out front when they're doubled, but that's rare, and far from a disruption. I think everything sounds damn good. The layout keeps things very simple and to the point. The outer booklet is mostly white with a tiny photo of each band member, the band name in plain type, and an incredible full color cover painting that looks more like a combination of Manowar/Motörhead artwork than it does anything you'd expect to see on a hardcore record.

Inside the lyrics appear in plain white type over a straight black background, and in the Discharge style each song contains barely over four lines of lyrics (granted the subject matter is on a different level). "You raise your fist for another campaign, Once more you are looking for someone to blame, You raise your fist for another campaign, Everyone's fault but one has to pay." I wish this was longer... 7 tracks and barely over 20 minutes leaves me wanting more. But it's definitely better to keep things brief and leave the listener hungry than to beat them over the head, so... check this one out. Hardcore Holocaust has yet to disappoint

Nailbiter - Daughters of Pride (cover of Anti Cimex)

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Nailbiter - Breathing

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Nailbiter - Blade

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Format 12"
Label Hardcore Beats