Nick Drake - Pink Moon - 1972 Iconic Folk Rock - Sealed 180 Grm LP

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Nick Drake - Pink Moon

Island Records ‎– 006025 17456976, Universal Music Group International ‎– 006025 17456976
Back To Black –
Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, 180 Gram, Gatefold
Rock, Folk, World, & Country
Acoustic, Folk, Folk Rock
Released with a 'pink rim' Island label in a gatefold cover containing the lyrics and pressed on 180 gram vinyl.
Sticker on front: "An authentic reproduction of the 1972 first pressing with original gatefold sleeve plus bonus voucher with a choice of download formats, including high definition 24 bit and dubbed from disc."Also as 320 kbps MP3
Part of the Back To Black series. Including digital download voucher for the album.

Made in the EU


A1 Pink Moon
A2 Place To Be
A3 Road
A4 Which Will
A5 Horn
A6 Things Behind The Sun

B1 Know
B2 Parasite
B3 Free Ride
B4 Harvest Breed
B5 From The Morning

Artwork By [Cover] - Michael Trevithick
Photography - Keith Morris
Producer - Joe Boyd
Vocals, Piano, Acoustic Guitar - Nick Drake
Written-By - Nick Drake

Nick Drake - Pink Moon

Nick Drake is just beyond spectacular. His songs reach your soul
This ripped at my sensibilities and made me human again. Timeless.

Nick Drake is definitely one of those hidden gems of music. He's one of those musicians who lived and died in obscurity. A musician who attained small following for years before the masses finally discovered their brilliance...

Pink Moon is a rather intimate album, with exception of one piano overdub, it's just Nick, his guitar,and his heart and soul. When, I listen to this I envision Nick in the middle of the night sitting on his bed strumming away. The rich sound makes you feel like your in the room with him, and is a perfect listen for when you're up late at night. Sadly, he was plagued by depression..

It is a damn good thing that this man is not alive today. His purity and ethics would have left him in an even deeper state of depression if he were to suffer the fandom his music has earned him as well as the use of his music for commerical purposes. People this sensitive are gifts to the world, but they usually implode and lack the coping mechanisms to survive in modern society. Nick was a walking open wound, a raw exposed nerve and one listen to his art will reveal this. What an amazing thing that he was open enough and talented enough to bear his soul in a way that makes us feel ours so.

The second track, "Place to Be" makes my chin quiver every time and cry most of the time I hear it, and I am not ashamed to admit it. There is something exquisite, decadent and enlightening about indulging in this artist's "dark" music. Depressing and melancholy? Yes, certainly. Beautiful, nuanced, and intimate..

After completing the album alone using just his acoustic guitar, gorgeous English voice, and a few splashes of piano, he dropped it off at the desk of his record label anonymously, and when it was finally opened and played they realized they had a fantastic new album from the inimitable Nick Drake. This alone makes the music very interesting before you even get the album in your stereo, but once the opening strums of the title track chime in, you know it will live up to the expectations you have. Full of gorgeous acoustic playing from start to finish, and great lyrics to boot, this is an essential folk recording.

"Pink Moon" - Used in a VW commercial, this was an odd song to sell cars but it introduced the world to one of Drake's best tunes. Sinister lyrics, subtle acoustic strumming, and perfect use of soft piano make this an economical and heartbreaking song.
"Place To Be" - I've always loved Alex Chilton's acoustic folkier material, and this reminds me a bit of him. Keeps the album flowing smoothly, great tune.
"Road" - More affecting folk with superb guitar playing. Another all time Drake fave.
"Which Will" - Probably my favorite guitar playing and lyric on the record. Drake sings his heart out on this one and reminds me why I love his voice so much.
"From The Morning" - A great album closer. The guitar style on this tune features a bit more fingerpicking, and this is a great song to close

Nick Drake - Pink Moon

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Nick Drake - From The Morning

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Nick Drake - Place To Be

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Nick Drake - Road

what a beautiful human being

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Nick Drake - Which Will breaks my heart that you could never see the impact of your work, whether you meant to die or not. your music keeps me going

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Nick Drake - Things Behind the Sun

One of the most beautiful songs ..

The Mars Volta turned it into this atmospheric ballad of psychedelia. Yet still maintaining that subtle sense of melancholia and delicacy.
This version, the original, has higher level of emotionality within it's simplicity.

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Nick Drake - Free Ride

Everytime I hear this song it makes me think of a comment someone once said about Nick:

"Nick, you made being a teenager with a soul as old as the sky more bearable.

The music is wonderful enough on it's own, then you read the words Nick weaved so spell-bindingly between those dulcid notes. Bittersweet magic. "Counting the cattle," what a telling, descriptive lyric. Here was a man who cherished the right to be alone w/ one's thoughts and to be away from the herd, as do any of us who fall to the intro- side of -vertism.

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Format LP, 180 Gram
Label Island Records
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