Oasis - Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants - 2000 Brit Alt Rock - SEALED 200 Gram LP

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Oasis - Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants

Label: Big Brother – RKIDLP002X
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, 

"Limited Edition on Super Heavyweight Vinyl with Brand New Sleeve Notes"
2 Pic Inserts and lyric sleeve ( see our pic of previous open copy)
200 Gram LP
Country: UK
Released: 2000
Issue: 2009
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock, Brit Pop


A1 Fuckin' In The Bushes 3:18
A2 Go Let It Out 4:38
A3 Who Feels Love? 5:44
A4 Put Yer Money Where Yer Mouth Is 4:27
A5 Little James 4:15

B1 Gas Panic! 6:08
B2 Where Did It All Go Wrong? 4:26
B3 Sunday Morning Call 5:12
B4 I Can See A Liar 3:12
B5 Roll It Over 6:31

Engineer – Mark Stent, Paul Stacey
Mastered By – Howie Weinberg
Producer – Mark Stent

(P)2000 & (C)2009 Big Brother Recordings Ltd.

While there's nothing like the hits of their second record, there's still some worthwhile songs but then again, I see this record in the second group and while not stellar, it isn't exactly a disaster either.

****in' in the Bushes: With some sound bytes and a jam-oriented vibe, the record starts off with a riff that wouldn't feel out of place on a Led Zeppelin or Aerosmith record. It gets the record off to a heavy start and while the main riff is fairly repetitive, it's still a cool little song. 7.5/10

Go Let it Out: Probably the biggest hit from the record and for good reason. Very hard rocking electronica-esque music with stadium-ready hooks and Liam's vocals in top form, we get some synth, soloing at the end and it ends up becoming one of the better tracks on the album and of their career as well. 9/10

Who Feels Love: Backwards guitar, more ethnic percussion and the folk-ish open tuning guitar, having Liam's and Noel's vocals sing together creates a great harmony and in a way it's the band stepping outside of their typical rock tracks like Supersonic. It's one of those songs that'll either grow on you or won't catch fire at all but I like it. 8/10

Little James: It's hard to deny that the track has a very "Hey Jude" feeling about it. Written by Liam, it's got a bit more passion in the vocals, it's largely piano and guitar with a bit of studio ambience, it then turns into more of a ballad with some nasty choir keyboard sounds, it's actually a fairly beautiful song. But still, the Beatles influence is a bit too easy to notice. 7.5/10

Gas Panic!: One of their more well-loved songs off the record, it starts simply enough with acoustic guitar, before it turns into a more progressive track with wah-wah guitars, odd sound effects, it's not really catchy but musically it's great to listen to and it ends up growing on you. 8.5/10

Where Did It All Go Wrong?: One of 2 Noel ballads in a row, this one's a more heavily produced track. Noel's vocals have improved quite a bit which shows in the chorus where he goes for that big soaring sound of "Don't Look Back in Anger" or "Acquiesce". An album highlight but didn't have to have so much stuff going on. 8/10

Sunday Morning Call: The second Noel ballad and thankfully a bit more sparse in the production, it's got some of Noel's better vocals and the synth gives a welcome sound

Roll it Over: Bar none one of Liam's best vocals he's ever laid down. Musically it's quite simple and doesn't have the overblown production that knocked the first Noel song, it's an underrated gem and is probably their 2nd best album closer following "Champagne Supernova". 9.5/10

Oasis - Roll It Over (Music Video)

Awesome song, you can truly feel the heart in the words. Liam's voice is gold. Bittersweet though, seeing 'em all together. Always will be a big fan. Thanks for the music guys!

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/vta9Me-YR_s" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Oasis - Go Let It Out

Noel went on record as saying he put more work into standing on the shoulders' than any album before or since! Its Oasis's very own experimental/concept album and you're right its a grower

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Oasis - Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants

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Oasis - Gas Panic - Berlin

I listen to Wonderwall once a year.

I listen to Gas Panic every day.

Love the solo- wah wah tone that Noel is using here 2:35.

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/bhc1LB_0auM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Format LP
Label Big Brother