Ohio Players - Ecstasy - Canada Issue - Soul Funk - LP

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Ohio Players - Ecstasy

Label: Westbound
Catalog#: W-222
Format: Vinyl, LP, Gatefold

Vinyl: VG+ to VG++, some light scuffing
Gatefold cover has some writing in pen on the front, light ring wear and minor wear to edges and corners

Country: Canada Issue
Released: 1973
Genre: Funk / Soul
Style: Funk, Disco

A1 Ecstasy 2:27
A2 You And Me 3:12
A3 (Not So) Sad And Lonely 3:20
A4 (I Wanna Know) Do You Feel It 4:23
A5 Black Cat 4:25

B1 Food Stamps Y'all 3:12
B2 Spinning 3:04
B3 Sleep Talk 3:15
B4 Silly Billy 4:26
B5 Short Change 2:55

Arranged By - Walter Morrison
Producer - Ohio Players

Distributed by Chess / Janus Records N.Y. N.Y.

Junie Morrison style Players...
...quantum pocket time. That is, you had to have been there to know. Nineteen seventy three, we were playing the heck outta Morrison's/Ohio Player's "Ecstasy" with that just right funky guitar and bass and organ intro by Sugar, Jones and Junie and always complained that at 2 minutes and thirty some odd seconds it was too short... those of us with the album laughed at the chutzpah associated with the title of the opening jam on side 2--"Food Stamps Y'all"...the slow cut in the streets off the album was "Silly Billy", a little mellower than that other great slow jam from the "Pleasure" album "Varee is Love", but hey, back then, a new Players jam was the talk of the streets...after this the Players had a Westbound Records greatest hits album and then they moved to Mercury Records to put out "Skin Tight"--they lost Junie in the transition, but shortly afterward his Player stint, he worked with Clinton and P-funk and did his own work, most notably the album "Bread Alone"...this album "Ecstasy" has some of the Players best Westbound Records work on it--it is hard to find, a rare treasure for true funk fans...

Ohio Players - Ecstasy
Sampled By The Roots - Don't Feel Right

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Ohio Players - Food Stamps Y'all
great Junie Ohio Players song

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The Ohio Players - SILLY BILLY

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Ohio Players - Spinning

keep that funk alive

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Format LP
Label Westbound Records