Philip Glass - How Now Strung Out - 1968 NY Live - 20th Century Classical 180 Grm LP

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Philip Glass - How Now Strung Out

Label: Orange Mountain Music
Cat#: OMM8001
Format: Virgin Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition
Country: US
Philip Glass Debut Concert New York 1968
180 Gram Vinyl + Free Download code
Unnumbered edition of 1000.
Released: 2014
Genre: Classical


A How Now

Organ – Philip Glass

B Strung Out

Violin – Dorothy Pixley-Rothschild


Composed By – Philip Glass

This new release from Orange Mountain Music presents Philip Glass' first concert ever in what the composer considers his "debut." The concert took place in May 1968 at the Film Makers Cinematheque in New York City. The performance was the first "all-Glass" concert ever and featured solo works and duets with visual elements.

This recording captures two of the solo works on the program including Glass himself performing How Now for solo organ and Strung Out for solo amplified violin performed by the legendary Dorothy Pixley-Rothchild for whom Glass had previously written a violin concerto for in 1960. It was soon after this concert that Glass started his own ensemble for which he wrote many new works.

You can certainly tell Philip was using a Farfisa Mini Compact combo organ, since it has that "bite" that Farfisa's are known for. "How Now" definitely showcases the way early PGE concerts would have been: hypnotic and highly repetitive. The recording itself might have been more impressive had there been any room dynamics recorded, but it still sounds just fine. "How Now" has noticeable distortion at times (analog, not digital mastering) that suggests the organ was acting up (somewhat common for a Farfisa) or the soundboard & tape machine had issues had times or even that the organ was overdriving the PA and being recorded ...who knows really.

"Strung Out" as performed by Dorothy Pixley-Rothchild is quite good. It sounds better with harmonic distortion overall (there is some at times). The youtube video someone posted of "Strung Out" seems to be a lesser quality version, so don't judge based off that version. This piece is well worth listening to over and over again. The title seems to imply drug use while listen to the song, but research says that the music sheets for the violinist were to be strung out around the performer ...oh 1960's drug metaphors.

Strung Out (1967) was originally written for amplified violin and first performed at the Film-Makers Cinematheque in 1968. The piece is an experiment with additive process techniques of rhythmic elaboration. The title refers to the music being strung out around the performance space on stands or walls, the idea of stringing a violin, and the expression of being "strung out" ("at the end of one's tether," as Glass puts it). With the exception of two short sections, the music consists of a continuous string of fast eighth notes, marked "mechanically." An entire performance of the work consists of playing the written eight pages of music and then repeating all eight pages (two separate endings)

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