Ratatat - LP3 - 2008 Experimental Electronic Indie Rock - Sealed LP

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Ratatat - LP3
Label: XL Recordings
Catalog#: XLLP 353
Format: Vinyl, LP, 33 ⅓ RPM NEW

Country: UK
Released: 08 Jul 2008
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Gatefold Cover
Style: Electro, Experimental, Indie Rock
Credits: Artwork By [Design] - E Vax
Mastered By - Grazz
Producer, Written-By - Evan Mast , Mike Stroud
Notes: Runout groove etched with "GRAZZ - THE EXCHANGE


A1 Shiller (4:17)
A2 Falcon Jab (3:55)
A3 Mi Viejo (2:40)
A4 Mirando (3:52)
A5 Flynn (1:55)
A6 Bird-Priest (3:06)

B1 Shempi (3:57)
B2 Imperials (3:33)
B3 Dura (3:07)
B4 Bruleé (3:42)
B5 Mumtaz Khan (2:37)
B6 Gipsy Threat (1:37)
B7 Black Heroes (4:09

With each release, Ratatat has further pushed the boundaries of modern instrumental music. In their first album, Ratatat, they introduced their sound, causing people to wonder "Is it electronic, video game-style music? Is it rock?" It's both!

With Classics, they refined that sound, and indeed made a 'classic' album chock full of catchy tunes and interesting soundscapes. On LP3, while the pacing of the songs is largely similar to those in their previous albums, in that there are plodding, atmospheric numbers along with punchier ones, the mix of textures heard here is quite rich and varied, blending to create clear pictures of where they might be heard. For instance, I interpret "Mirando" as a trip through a jungle in a river boat, "Flynn": the gloomy backdrop for walking in the rain, "Shempi": from a disco dance floor, "Dura": a picture of neo-Victorianism."Mumtaz Khan", perhaps my favorite, sounds like belly-dancing music!

Due to the diverse nature of the tracks, some listeners might not find this album as accessible as the other two. Sure, there is the ever-present, familiar Ratatat sound (especially on "Falcon Jab") oftentimes, but this group has made so much progress in this album I can't say that there has been anything comparible in scope released by other bands in recent years. LP3 strikes me as a soundtrack of some non-existent movie, and I wouldn't be surprised if, in the future, Ratatat were approached to compose film scores. Anyone who has enjoyed their previous albums is highly likely to dig LP3, and I also think this would be daring starting point for new listeners.

Ratatat - Mirando

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Ratatat - Shempi

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Ratatat - Shiller

"Freaking emotional and impressive ... well done"

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Ratatat - Shiller (Live Seattle WA)

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Condition New
Format LP
Label XL Recordings
Color Black