Ray Charles - 24 Greatest Hits - 1959 -1962 Soul Jazz C + W Pop Vocal - Sealed 180 Grm 2LP

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Ray Charles - 24 Greatest Hits

Label: Vinyl Passion Records
Cat#: LIC2270
Format: 2 × 180 Grm Vinyl, LP
Country: Europe
Released: Jun 2013
Genre: Jazz


1 Georgia On My Mind 3:36
2 Hit The Road Jack 1:58
3 I've Got A Woman 2:49
4 You Don't Know Me 3:16
5 What'd I Say 6:26
6 I Can't Stop Loving You 4:16

7 (Night Time Is) The Right Time 3:28
8 Come Rain Or Come Shine 3:39
9 Take These Chains From My Heart 2:56
10 Let The Good Times Roll 2:50
11 Lonely Avenue 2:33
12 Baby, Its Cold Outside 4:06

13 Unchain My Heart 2:50
14 Born To Lose 3:16
15 One Mint Julep 3:06
16 Hide 'Nor Hair 3:05
17 Ruby 2:51
18 You Are My Sunshine 2:58

19 Your Cheating Heart 3:36
20 Sticks And Stones 2:14
21 Them That Got 2:47
22 I've Got News For You 4:28
23 But On The Other Hand Baby 3:16
24 I'm Movin On' 2:27

In just about every Hall of Fame that has anything to do with music, be it Rhythm & Blues, Jazz, Rock & Roll, Gospel or Country & Western, Ray Charles' name is very prominently displayed. The most concentrated driving force in Ray's life was music and it's hard to argue with his claim, “I was born with music inside me. That’s the only explanation I know.” Rolling Stone has ranked him #10 on their list of the '100 Greatest Artists of All Time' and #2 on their list of the '100 Greatest Singers of All Time.'

This 2LP-set from Vinyl Passion brings together 24 of the groundbreaking and influential music icon's top tracks which bridge a multitude of genres including the #1 hits "Georgia On My Mind," "Hit the Road Jack," "Unchain My Heart" and "You Are My Sunshine" to go along with timeless cuts like "I Got A Woman," "What'd I Say" and "I Can't Stop Loving You" among many more!

Almost immediately after signing with Atlantic, Charles scored his first hit singles. ."Don't You Know" both made the charts in 1954,

but "I Got a Woman" (composed with band mate Renald Richard) brought him to national prominence. The song reached the top of Billboard's R&B singles chart in 1955 and from there until 1959 he would have a series of R&B successes including ""Lonely Avenue", and the #5 hit "The Night Time (Is the Right Time)",

"Ray Charles is proof that the best music crosses all boundaries, reaches all denominations. He could do any type of music, and he always stayed true to himself. It's all about his soul...There's a reason they called Ray Charles "the Genius"...He showed there are no limitations, not for someone as good as he is. Whatever Ray Charles did, whatever he touched, he made it his own. He's his own genre. It's all Ray Charles music now."

In August of 1960 Charles recorded the second of a number of theme albums for ABC Paramount called Dedicated To You on which all of the song’s titles contained a woman's name. The idea of theme albums, with tunes tied together by a particular common subject matter, was not new. Many artists who trod down the theme path did so with varying degrees of success, as was the case with Charles. However his fortune with theme albums began well when the string-laden Marty Paich arrangement of Ruby charted for five weeks near the end of 1960.

With Charles achieving commercial success with his ballads like Georgia On My Mind and Ruby you would think that, like Nat King Cole, he might abandon recording jazz or R&B tunes. But in December of 1960, little more than two weeks after Ruby had peaked on the chart, he was in the ABC Paramount studios again. What resulted was arguably his best jazz album ever. This one found "The Genius" singing and playing Hammond B3. Once again he received expert backing by a number of Count Basie alumni on several Quincy Jones arrangements. The release was called Genius+Soul=Jazz and yet again the public responded. The cut, One Mint Julep went to #8 on the pop chart and #1 on the R&B chart in 1961. Although One Mint Julep may have been the hit, the album featured other tastefully swinging tunes like Mr. C., Stompin' Room Only, From The Heart, and a Ralph Burns arrangement of a blues called I've Got News For You.

His next chart hit in 1961 was even bigger. Hit The Road Jack topped both the Pop chart, where it stayed at #1 for two weeks in October, and the R&B chart for 5 weeks beginning October 2nd. The recording also won a Grammy in 1961 for the Best Rhythm and Blues Recording. Amazingly, it was yet to be released on an LP when it garnered such high accolades, evidence of the power of the 45 RPM record medium in 1961. Hit The Road Jack was originally released on just a two-song 45 RPM (ABC-Paramount 10244) and a four song extended play 7" jukebox 45 RPM called The Genius Hits The Road

Ray Charles - Lonely Avenue

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Ray Charles - I've Got a Woman

Jamie Foxx reinterpreted this for the Kanye West Goldigger song.
this is a big foundation song for soul music, made 50 years ago

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Ray Charles - I've Got a Woman (Live)

"I Got a Woman" The title track on which RAY CHARLES took the initiative to give free rein to the music that lived within him for so long and finally be himself."

"A melody covered over and over again but the performance of Ray Charles was never equaled even by the greatest."

"An intense and profound fusion between emotion and expression."

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Ray Charles - What'd I Say LIVE

live in Sao Paulo, Brazil 1963

Have such a RESPECT for this man....For me RAY is the one who started SOUL.

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Ray Charles - Let the good times roll

Louis Jordan would be very proud of this version!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

an innovator, not afraid to step out side the box...The difference between a genius and brillance is paper thin, nontheless they are a result of greatness...

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Ray Charles - I'm Movin' On

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Ray Charles - (Night Time Is) The Right Time

Margie sounded like KoKo Taylor .. a fiery growl

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Ray Charles - (Night Time Is) The Right Time

I knew this song B4 Cosby show n when that episode aired I thought they were the coolest fam ever. Ray Charles' piano and voice are absolutely amazing and of course, margie!

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Ray Charles - Hit the Road Jack

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Ray Charles Documentary : .BBC Soul Deep, Episode 1 - The Birth Of Soul: Ray Charles .

"Ray Charles finds a new influence and it's not from Saturday night, but Sunday morning. How gospel music transfered R&B to Soul"

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Ray Charles - Come Rain Or Come Shine

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