Red Hot + Rio 2 - Nova Tropicalia - Brazil - Indie Rock - Downtempo - 3LP

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Red Hot + Rio 2 - Nova Tropicalia

Red Hot
USA Issue

Track Listing

Side A

1. Aloe Blacc (of Emanon), Alice Smith - 'Baby'

2. Beck, Seu George - 'Tropicalia'

3. Mia Doi Todd, Jose Gonzalez - 'Um Girassol da Cor do Seu Cabelo'

4. Quadron - 'Samba de Verao'

5. Vanessa da Mata, Seu Jorge & Almaz - 'Boa Reza'

6. John Legend - 'Love I've Never Known'

7. Aloe Blacc (of Emanon), Alice Smith - 'Baby (Old Dirty Baby Dub Version)'

Side B

8. Aloe Blacc (of Emanon), Clara Moreno - 'Nascimento (Rebirth) -Scene 2'

9. Curumin - 'Ela (Ticklah Remix)'

10. Superhuman Happiness, Cults - 'Um Canto de Afoxe Para o Bloco do Ile'

11. Om'Mas Keith (of Sa-Ra Creative Partners) - 'Misterios'

12. Forro in the Dark, Brazilian Girls, Angelique Kidjo - 'Aquele Abraco'

Side C

13. Mia Doi Todd - 'Canto de Iemanja'

14. Caetano Veloso - 'Terra (Prefuse 73 3 Mellotrons in a Quiet Room Version)'

15. Marisa Monte, Devendra Banhart, Rodrigo Amarante - 'Nu Com a Minha Musica'

16. Bebel Gilberto - 'Acabou Chorare'

Side D

17. Beirut - 'O Leaozinho'

18. Tha Boogie - 'Panis et Circensis'

19. Of Montreal, Os Mutantes - 'Bat Macumba'

20. Phenomenal Handclap Band, Marcos Valle - 'Tudo o Que Voce Podia Ser'

21. Madlib, Joyce Moreno feat. Generation Match - 'Banana'

22. Money Mark, Thalma de Freitas, Joao Parahyba - 'Tropical Affair'

Side E

23. Marina Gasolina (of Bonde Do Role), Secousse - 'Freak le Boom Boom'

24. Los Van Van, Carlinhos Brown - 'Soy Loco Por Ti, America'

25. Orquestra Contemporanea de Olinda, Emicida - 'Roda'

26. Mayra Andrade, Trio Mocoto - 'Berimbau'

27. Apollo Nove, Ceu, N.A.S.A. - 'It's a Long Way'

Side F

28. DJ Dolores, Eugene Hutz, Otto, Fred 04, Isaar - 'A Cidade'

29. Javelin, Tom Ze - 'Ogodo, Ano 2000'

30. Atom, Toshiyuki Yasuda feat. Fernanda Takai, Moreno Veloso - 'Aguas de Marco'

31. Twin Danger - 'Show Me Love'

32. Rita Lee - 'Pistis Sophia'

As with all Red Hot projects, proceeds from Rio 2 will benefit HIV/AIDS related charities. The first Red Hot + Rio raised over $1 million dollars as did the organization’s most recent album, Dark Was The Night (featuring 2011 Grammy winner for best album, Arcade Fire, The National, Feist, Grizzly Bear and Bon Iver among others). Since its inception, Red Hot Organization – a not-for-profit production company – has produced over 16 albums and donated over $10 million dollars to worthy organizations, causes and projects around the world. Its mission is to raise awareness and money to fight AIDS/ HIV and related health and social issues.

This eclectic double album of tropicália, bossa nova, samba, forró, and pop collaborations by Brazilian and international stars is all over the map. A
. My favorite tracks feature newer artists like Bebel Gilberto & Mayra Andrade and groups like Forró in the Dark & Os Mutantes.

If you're a fan of Brazilian music, or the collision of cultures, or the first "Red Hot + Rio" album, or the American stars on these two LPs (Aloe Blacc, John Legend, David Byrne, Beck), then you should enjoy this excursion into a musical world that's very different from the one you grew up in. The sound grows on you!

Joyce's "Banana", done with great crashing beats and RH&R veteran Madlib's influence. Then "Tropical Affair" was outstanding, a notable highlight featuring Money Mark, Thalma De Freitas & Joao Parahyba (Trio Mocoto/Suba). Such a nice dreamy song.

A number of these songs are covers of standards (Um Girassol Da Cor Do Seu Cabelo, Águas De Março, O Leãozinho, Baby), so if you are new to the music of Brazil, you would do well to seek out original recordings by some of the classic artists on this collection: Caetano Veloso, Marisa Monte, Joyce Moreno, and Tom Zé. Among the greatest performers in the tradition are Maria Bethania, Gal Costa, Gilberto Gil, Jorge Ben, Astrud Gilberto, Milton Nascimento, and Elis Regina; their albums are compulsory listening.

Beirut - O Leaozinho

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Jose Gonzalez & Mia Doi Todd - Um Girassol da Cor do Seu Cabelo

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Tha Boogie - Panis et Circenses

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