Rival Schools - Found - 2013 Post Hardcore Punk Alt Rock - Half Clear / Green Vinyl 180 Grm LP 200 Copies Only

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Rival Schools ‎– Found

SRC Vinyl ‎– 022
Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Repress, Half Clear / Half Kelly Green

Second Pressing:
150 Gram Half Clear / Half Kelly Green (LTD 200)

Songs from the unreleased follow up to United By Fate.

Country: US
Released: 09 Apr 2013
The album was complied of demos recorded in New York City, 2003
Genre: Rock
Style: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Hardcore







A1 Dreamlife Avenger
A2 Reaching Out
A3 Indisposable Heroes
A4 Paranoid Detectives
A5 On The Fray
A6 The Soft Skin



B1 Tell It All To Me
B2 Missing Glider
B3 Big Waves
B4 Sofia Loren
B5 Why Can't I Touch It







Art Direction – Anthony Pappalardo
Bass – Cache Tolman
Drums – Sammy Siegler
Guitar – Chris Traynor, Walter Schreifels
Lyrics By – Walter Schreifels
Mastered By – Kim Rosen
Photography By – Darcy Phillips
Producer – Rival Schools
Vocals – Walter Schreifels
Written By – Rival Schools




The record shows that the band was beginning to move away from the pummeling metallic core of its sound on United and into something more subtle and melodic. This is probably what scared off the A&R flunkies at Island, who surely wanted to hear United by Fate again. Instead, they heard a band stripping back the guitar attack in favor of more angular, Fugazi-inspired riffing, songs that bore traces of time spent listening to shoegaze, and most of all a more melodic songwriting and vocal approach from Schreifels.

His singing is more nuanced and at times even a little sensitive, which isn't to say it wasn't powerful. Because it was. And so was the music.

Basically what the release of Found all these years later proves is that those A&R guys were completely wrong, and their meddling killed off a band that was on a path to become great.

Found is the rather appropriately titled new album for Post Hardcore outfit Rival Schools, yet its one that finds itself a little out of sync within their timeline. What is officially now album three (following 2011's proper comeback Pedals) was originally meant to be album number two, the much awaited follow up to the bands striking debut United By Fate. But after in fighting, creative differences or whatever it was that caused Rival Schools to dissolve, the album was shelved…until now.

If you we're hoping to hear something that adhered more to the wirey, post hardcore guitar rattlings of the bands debut on Pedals then the opening half of Found will most definitely appeal to you. Obviously because of the time it was made, the Rival Schools that made a big chunk of Found we're very much in the same creative space as the band that came out swinging back in 2011. Tracks like "Paranoid Detectives" and "Disposable Heroes" are based on musical DNA extracted directly from the sound Walter Schreifels and company were pushing at the turn of the new millenium. But you can also hear them in a more playful headspace too, there are lighter moments and the dynamics are more varied and encompassing. You even get a proto version of what would become "Shot by Shot" in the track "Sophia Loren".

The second half of the album does dip a little bit in terms of intensity and engagement, but if your already an established fan of the band or the post hardcore scene in general then this probably wont be too much of a problem. I imagine after losing them for around a decade, most people who are board with the group will just be pleased to hear new/old material from them. I know that I am

In 2001 Rival Schools released there debut album United By Fate, which was met by praises from critics and fans. The group spent the next two years touring the world a few times over. Feeling some fatigue from the road, guitarist Ian Love decided to part ways and pursue solo endeavors. The group then recruited long time friend and musician Chris Traynor, (Orange 9mm/Helmet) and they spent a year writing and recording material in a few different studios around NYC. This body of work has since been leaked on the Internet in bits and pieces, with various made up song titles. These recordings have taken on a certain mystique among diehard fans and will finally see an official release. Titled Found, the eleven songs (including a Buzzcocks cover) have been re-mastered and will be available digitally as well as in limited color runs of 180 gram vinyl on April 9, 2013. The cover is a photo from one of the studios in Brooklyn that the band was working out of. In 2011, Rival Schools released Pedals, they spent the next few years touring the world, and have been working on new material for an upcoming release.

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