Ruth B – Moments In Between - 2021 Canada Pop - Black Vinyl - Sealed LP

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Ruth B - Moments In Between 
Label: Downtown Records – 196006959968
Vinyl, LP, Album
Barcode (scanned): 196006959968
Released: Mar 25, 2022
Genre: Funk / Soul, Pop
A1 Princess Peach
A2 Holiday Interlude
A3 Holiday
A4 Situation
A5 Sweet Chamomile
A6 Favourite
B1 Spaceship
B2 Die Fast
B3 Dirty Nikes
B4 Share
''Album opener “Princess Peach” is a sweeping pop-rock ballad that finds Ruth analysing whether she’s too overprotective of herself at the expense of not showing her true feelings towards a love interest. “I like to rescue myself / I’ve always been my own hero,” she admits over a chorus that pleasantly swells with piano, strings. This is the sonic lane that is both expected from and executed well by her – a quintessential Ruth B. opening that reminds listeners of her style. (...)
Around mid-way, Moments In Between enters a more guitar-focused, folky lane that is surprising but suits Ruth’s ethereal voice. Tracks such as “Sweet Chamomile” – a darker, folk-influenced track led by prominent guitar and a clomping beat – embodies the urgency of needing connection which feels a product of our era of social distancing. As she describes “Navigating on my own / Not the world I used to know…You are all I got / Need a minute, time to see you,” we are reminded to rely on loved ones during times of upheaval.
Moments In Between is a mature step forward for Ruth that allows her to expand her range of genres while refining those she already flourishes in. It’s an album that keeps a consistent energy, while Ruth’s dreamy vocals easily manoeuvre and glide over the varied production. It can sometimes feel a little unbalanced in terms of song order – it feels like there is an overall narrative that could be told with some tracklist sequence alterations – but ultimately that kind of represents the tumultuous experience of romance. This album, however, demonstrates a willingness to deviate from expectations while still keeping the essence of her sound, and hopefully Ruth will go sonically further on future projects.'' (BeatsPerMinute)
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Condition New
Format LP
Color Black