Sage Francis - Copper Gone - 2014 Underground Hip Hop - Copper and Blue Vinyl 2LP

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Sage Francis - Copper Gone

Label: Strange Famous Records – SFR042
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 17 Mar 2014
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Conscious

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Side A

1 Pressure Cooker

2 Grace

3 ID Thieves

4 Cheat Code

Side B

5 Dead Man´s Float

6 Over Under

7 Make Em Purr
Music By – Buck 65

Side C

8 Vonnegut Busy

9 Thank You

10 The Set Up

11 The Place She Feared Most

Side D

12 Once Upon A Blue Moon

13 Say Uncle

14 Maint Reqd

Who knew, Sage gives us another puzzle to dissect in the musically heavy Copper Gone. The music does not just provide a scene for Sage to dance on, but an entire environment for us to get lost in. For a much appreciated change/experiment, we get to hear his lyrical gems wrapped in the most beautiful audioscape, not just sitting on top of it. Just when you think he can't possibly pull off another great track, he destroys your expectation. If you've ever listened to hip hop, this is a must have for history. My only worry is that we will never hear Sage at this level again. I personally believe this is Sage's crowning achievement.

His life learned lessons bleed through the speakers with more precision than ever. Be ready for new styles, fantastic music, even more emotion, and a sharper lyrical edge. Don't expect the softness that was sprinkled across the "Li(f)e" album, except on the track "Once Upon A Blood Moon", and even then it's only in the music itself, not the lyrics. As is common with Sage, it will take a few listens to catch every lyric and the deeper meanings behind his wordplay.

Sage Francis - Grace

It is so fantastic to have Sage back. I have been listening to the pre-release stream on Spin and it's completely different. It's a full turnaround from Li(f)e and is phenomenal. It's darker, more electronic and obviously written from a very different place. Li(f)e was a folk ballad, a retrospective departure note. Copper Gone is a bitter, resentful, necessary return.

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Sage Francis - Vonnegut Busy (lyric video)

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Sage Francis - The Place She Feared Most

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Format 2LP
Label Strange Famous Records