SBTRKT - SBTRKT - 2011 Unique Compelling Bass 2 Step Downtempo Electronica- Sealed LP

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Label: Young Turks
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Mixed, Bonus
Country: UK
Released: 27 Jun 2011
Genre: Electronic
Style: UK Garage, Dubstep


Heatwave 2:54
Hold On 3:27
Wildfire 3:21
Sanctuary 3:52
Trials Of The Past 4:24
Right Thing To Do 3:23

Something Goes Right 5:00
Pharaohs 3:38
Ready Set Loop 3:06
Never Never 3:57
Go Bang 3:32

Described as a “Kaonashi mask wearing dub warrior”, the king of bang SBTRKT Young Turks. The 2011 single is the first sound to be heard from his self-titled Debut LP

SBTRKT is a anonymous producer from England. His beats are what I would call a mix of hip hop and dubstep but with a great pop sensibility. Most of the vocals on this album are provided by Sampah, which range from good to great. But my favorite track on this album is the Single Wildfire featuring Yukimi Nagano of Swedish band Little Dragon.

Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon offers up some perfectly pitched vocals that stab and screech like a war cry from hell. It’s quite a departure from the soulful elegance of Jessie Wares vocals on previous SBTRKT productions but it’s right stomping.

Promisingly, the London-based producer explains that the album will not simply be a collection of club tracks, rather it will be “more of a whole project, more representative of my thoughts and ideas as an artist and each track was completed with the aim to be coherent together.” Top banana.

This is where dubstep should be, and thankfully more artists are realizing it. Pretty solid album all the way through, it although it definitely has it's lows and highs. Songs to check out are: the first single; Wildfire along with my personal favorite Right thing to do. Other high points I think are Ready Set Loop and heatwave.

SBTRKT - Wildfire

Official Video

Featuring Little Dragon

Directed by Sam Pilling

The reason the beat is so amazing is its uniqueness. The way the choppy short and filtered dub step wobbles are placed almost at random makes the listener not know what to expect, leading to the sense that the music is very compelling.

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SBTRKT ft. Sampha - Trials of the Past

so do you realize people the talent of this guys vocal range and harmony, blessed and born with talent

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SBTRKT - Right Thing To Do
Live @ Neptune Seattle 10/26/11 -

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SBTRKT - Hold On @ Reading Festival

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SBTRKT - Hold On

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