Schnabel and Schubert - Spontaneity, Warmth and Humanism - EMI - Odean 3LP

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Schnabel and Schubert

EMI - Odean
probably South American pressing Odean sticker on label over EMI logo

Records VG++ clean ( Listen)

Cover has sticker marks top left and right ( see pic)

Side A

Schnabel - Solo Piano

Schubert Momenti musical Op 94 D 790

Side B

Artur and Karl Schnabel ( 1937)

Schubert - Andant varioto in si minore OP 84 N.1

Schubert - Divertimento OP 54

Side C

Schnabel Solo Piano

Schubert - Sonata in RE Maggiore OP 53
1st + 2nd movement

Side D

Schubert - Sonata in RE Maggiore OP 53
3rd + 4th movement

Side E

Schnabel - Pianoforte

Schubert - Sonata in Si Bemolle OP postuma
1st + 2nd movement

Side F

Schnabel - Pianoforte

Schubert - Sonata in Si Bemolle OP postuma
3rd + 4th movement

Schubert - Allegretto in do minore

While as an interpreter he is remembered most readily as an advocate of the piano music of Ludwig van Beethoven, Artur Schnabel's own favorite among the so-called "Great Masters" was Franz Schubert.

In his time, Schnabel had to deal with bad editions, the limitations of early electrical, monophonic recording, occasional technical slips and other vicissitudes that Alfred Brendel, Maurizio Pollini and Walter Klein never had to contend with. When asked to retake a side by a recording director to cover for some mistakes, Schnabel once responded, "I might play it better, but it won't be as good." It is the spontaneity, warmth and humanism in Schnabel's Schubert that makes it indispensable, even as time and competition from younger artists, in superior sound, would normally make such performances seem obsolete. While many pianists play Schubert, doing a professional job of it technically and textually, Artur Schnabel makes you love the music, as he did. As to the initiative of carrying forward Schnabel's Schubertian efforts into the twenty-first century
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