Sex Pistols - The Mini Album - Early Unreleased Recordings - Uk Issue - Punk LP

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Sex Pistols - The Mini Album

Label: Chaos Records
Catalog#: APOCA 3
Format: Vinyl, LP
Record is VG+ VG++
Cover has slight ringwear, and corner wear 3 inches of crease

Country: UK
Released: Jan 1985
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk
Notes: Recorded between 13th and 30th July 1976.


A1 Submission (4:06)
A2 Seventeen (2:04)
A3 Satellite (4:03)

B1 I Wanna Be Me (3:04)
B2 Anarchy In The UK (3:50)
B3 No Feeling (2:45)

Sex Pistols: John Lydon (vocals); Steve Jones (guitar); Glen Matlock (bass); Paul Cook (drums).

MINI ALBUM from influential punk band the Sex Pistols features
The songs featured in this Mini-LP differ from the regular versions in "Never Mind The Bollocks". The covers read:
"Early recordings. Previously unreleased."

Originally issued as "SPunk", a legitimate release that claimed to be a bootleg, "The Mini Album" is alternative versions of Pistols classics. While the performances may be perferable to some, the sheen of "Never Mind The Bullocks" is left off. This leaves the Sex Pistols exposed as they really were: an incredible, experimental rock band. Progrockers like Yes tend to be credited with widening Rock's boundries; the Pistols ignored the limits entirely. It sounds as though it never even occured to them that they would be changing rock and roll forever.

Sex Pistols - Anarchy In The UK 1976

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SEX PISTOLS - I wanna be me - rare live at sweden 1977

This was freakin 1977, 1978, nobody else was doing this back then at all, this was all new, and that`s exactly why it was so huge. and any american punk band, that tries to act all high and mighty, and above it all, and say they were never influenced by the sex pistols, is flat out lying!

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