Skinny Puppy - Remission - 1984 Debut - Industrial Goth Rock - 180 Grm 6 Trk 12" EP

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Skinny Puppy ‎– Remission

Nettwerk ‎– 0 6700 30082 1 1
Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, EP, Reissue
13 Oct 2017
EBM, Industrial


A1 Smothered Hope
A2 Glass Houses
A3 Far Too Frail

B1 Solvent
B2 Sleeping Beast
B3 Brap...

Originally released as a six-track EP, this is Skinny Puppy's first official release Remission.
Remission has a particularly corroded and decrepit sound, and, is a solid, powerful debut that points the direction, which Skinny Puppy would travel throughout their 11-year career. cEvin Key combines acoustic, metallic and synthetic percussion into a hollow, reverberating grind. Samples of church bells and chimes appear on a number of the songs, and the overall mood is one of strolling through a gothic churchyard encapsulated in a concrete bunker. Behind Key's dynamic rhythms is spread a tattered fabric of primitive synth melodies that melancholically spin out of control.
In his chronically distorted and manipulated voice, Nivek Ogre barks his vocals into this rusty machine. While his lyrics are some distance from the heights he would later attain, they still contain many poignant and vivid images. It is clear that Ogre's writing at this point was very self-centered -- most of the lyrics were likely written before his involvement in Skinny Puppy -- and the self-portrait he paints is one of an inward, tortured and alienated person, whom the larger issues of the world press in upon, relentlessly.
On the majority of the songs, Ogre's vocals are supported and accentuated by samples from a variety of movies and television broadcasts. Profusely dissected for the purpose of this album were The Legend Of Hell House and Alfred Hitchcock's masterful Shadow Of A Doubt. As with Ogre's vocals, the bits of dialogue and sound lifted out of these films have been treated and rearranged almost beyond recognition.

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Condition New
Format EP , 12, 12", 180 Gram
Label Nettwerk Records
Color Black