Sound Effects 24 - Combat - Karate - Horses Sword and Axe Fights - BBC LP

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Sound Effects 24 - Combat

UK Issue
Record is VG++
Cover has ringwear , cornerwear

Side A

Side 1

Martial Arts

a. Sparring Match
b. kata
c. Fight 2 people


a Staff vs staff
b. Sword vs spear
c. Baton and shield
d. Knife V Open hand
e. Baton / Shield / Nunchaku
f. Sound of nanchaku

Akido-- Gymnasium Session

a. Break falls
b. Shikko
c. Jumping exercise
d. Ninin Don

Karate Kills

a. Fight & Kill
b. Alternative kill
c. Strangle
d. Breaking technique

Finale - The Entire Company!

Side B

Cowboys, Horses, Knights In Armour , Cowboys


a. Revolver Shots
b. Cry & Body Fall
c. Swing Door
d. Tables Turned Fist Fight
e. Footsteps On The Saloon Floor

Montage Of Above
A Debt Is Settled In The Saloon


a. One Horse Trots Up And Stops
b. Trots And Stands
c. Gallops Up Heavy Breathing
d. Restless Horseapproach And Depart
e. Snorts and Walks Away
f. Canters Away
g. Trotting Left To Right
h. Trotting Right To Left

Knights in Armour -- Jousting

a. 2 Knights Approach & Pass -- No Contact
b. 2 Knights Approach & Pass -- Contact

Sword and Axe Fights

a. Sword fight 2 people
b. Axe Fight 2 people
c. 24 people fighting with swords
d. 2 knights aproaching on horseback
e. 2 knights aproaching on horseback and fighting

Camp and Battle

Camp and Battle
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