Sweet - Desolation Boulevard - 1974 US Issue - Glam Rock - Sealed LP + Hype Sticker

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The Sweet ‎– Desolation Boulevard

Capitol Records ‎– ST 11395
Vinyl, LP, Album

Vinyl is Sealed
Cover is Sealed with hype sticker + mint condition

extra pic shows previous open copy
Includes original inner sleeve with lyrics

soundbytes are from previous open copy
Nov 1975



A1 Ballroom Blitz (4:00)
A2 The 6-Teens (4:04)
A3 No You Don't (4:32)
A4 A.C.D.C. (3:24)
A5 I Wanna Be Committed (3:12)

B1 Sweet F.A. (6:12)
B2 Fox On The Run (3:24)
B3 Set Me Free (3:56)
B4 Into The Night (4:22)
B5 Solid Gold Brass (5:36)



Pic with open album and vinyl from a previous opened version

Orange label without "All Rights Reserved" statement in rimtext.

Recorded at Audio International Studios, London
except Fox On The Run recorded at Kingsway Studio, London.
Engineered at Audio International Studios, London.

Recorded in England.
℗ 1973, 1974, 1975 Capitol Records, Inc.

Cover Photo, left to right:
Andy Scott, Steve Priest, Brian Connolly, Mick Tucker



Like The Sweet's American debut album on Bell, the second album to see the light of a US release (on Capitol) stitched together two halves of their previous British albums and an extra single. You also get to hear Sweet make their final break from the Chinn/Chapman stranglehold and write their first all-band hit, the classic "Fox On the Run."

The first side of this "Desolation Boulevard" album was the usual Chinn/Chapman teen teasers, like "Ac/Dc" and "The 6-Teens." This isn't to say that they weren't amazing songwriters; "Ballroom Blitz" still sounds incredible and Pat Benatar laid claim to "No You Don't" for her debut. Also, it does sound like Chinn/Chapman were trying to push into Bowie/Alice Cooper territory with "I Wanna be Committed."

But on side two, the Connolly-Scott-Tucker-Priest lineup staked their songwriting turf for good, forever ditching the bubblegum tag that was dogging them since "Little Willy." That they were capable of harmonies that would make Queen jealous helped push the drama of "Sweet F.A." and "Solid Gold Brass." And Andy Scott shaped himself into guitar hero mold here, putting the energy into "Ballroom Blitz" and setting himself up for Sweet's even heavier albums to come (especially "Give Us A Wink"). But for the times as they were, this remains a great LP for 70's nostalgia. "Desolation Boulevard" deservedly put The Sweet on the roadmap.


The Sweet - The Sixteens

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The Sweet - Ballroom Blitz

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The Sweet - Fox On The Run is from the Desolation Boulevard album

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Condition New
Format LP
Label Capitol Records