TELEVISIONS GREATEST HITS 65 THEMES 50-60s - Jetsons - Beverly Hillbillies - Munsters

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A double (2 records)

Tracks 1. Captain Kangaroo (Puffin' Billy) 2. The Little Rascals 3. The Flintstones 4. Woody Woodpecker Show 5. Bugs Bunny Overture 6. Casper, The Friendly Ghost 7. Felix The Cat 8. Popeye 9. Yogi Bear 10. Magilla Gorilla 11. Top Cat 12. The Jetsons 13. Fireball XL-5 14. Howdy Doody 15. The Beverly Hillbillies 16. Petticoat Junction 17. Green Acres 18. Mr. Ed 19. The Munsters 20. The Addams Family 21. My Three Sons 22. The Donna Reed Show 23. Leave It To Beaver 24. Dennis the Menace 25. Dobie Gillis 26. The Patty Duke Show 27. The Dick Van Dyke Show 28. Gilligan's Island 29. McHale's Navy 30. I Dream of Jeannie 31. I Love Lucy 32. The Andy Griffith Show 33. Star Trek 34. Lost In Space 35. The Twilight Zone 36. Alfred Hitchcock Presents 37. Superman 38. Batman 39. Flipper 40. Combat 41. The Rifleman 42. Bonanza 43. Branded 44. F-Troop 45. Rin Tin Tin 46. Daniel Boone 47. The Wild Wild West 48. The Lone Ranger 49. Happy Trails 50. Mission: Impossible 51. Man From U.N.C.L.E. 52. Get Smart 53. Secret Agent Man 54. Dragnet 55. Perry Mason 56. Adam-12 57. The F.B.I. 58. Hawaii Five-O 59. 77 Sunset Strip 60. Surfside 6 61. Ironside 62. Mannix 63. The Mod Squad 64. The Tonight Show 65. Late, Late Show (Syncopated Clock) 66.WTV Sign off

NOTES: This is LP that started it all, 65 themes from television shows ranging from the mid-1950s until the late 1960s, from, say, Rin-Tin-Tin through Mannix and Mission Impossible. The sound quality is variable -- some of this stuff was taken off of film elements -- and some of it is clever re-records, but it's all very familiar and, in some cases, rather enlightening. Not that there are revelations to be found in much of this, but fans of the late Joe Meek might be interested to know just how much of his production technique and signature sound found its way into the theme music from, say, Fireball XL-5. The producers have included opening and closing themes linked together where that latter add significantly to the material. Popular choices here include The Munsters, The Addams Family, Top Cat, The Flinstones, The Jetsons, Dobie Gillis, My Three Sons, Superman, Bonanza, Branded, Daniel Boone, The Rifleman, Perry Mason, Ironside, Dragnet, 77 Sunset Strip, The Mod Squad, etc.
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Format 2LP
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