The Black Keys - Thickfreakness - 2011 Blues Rock Ltd 1300 Red Vinyl 180 Grm LP

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The Black Keys - Thickfreakness

Label: Fat Possum Records
Catalog#: 80371-1
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album Limited Edition, Reissue, Red
New ( but opened to check color) 
Red-in-red colored 180 Gram vinyl, comes with download. Limited to 1,300.
Track numbering is sequential 1 through 11
Country: US
Released: 2011
Genre: Blues, Rock
Style: Blues Rock


A1 Thickfreakness
A2 Hard Row
Lyrics By – Chuck Auerbach
A3 Set You Free
Recorded By [50%] – Jeff Saltzman
A4 Midnight In Her Eyes
A5 Have Love Will Travel
Written-By – Richard Berry

B1 Hurt Like Mine
B2 Everywhere I Go
Written-By – Junior Kimbrough
B3 No Trust
B4 If You See Me
B5 Hold Me In Your Arms
B6 I Cry Alone

Art Direction, Artwork By [Labels] – Joel "Rage" Garcia
Artwork By, Design – Michael Carney
Drums – Patrick Carney
Engineer – Dan, Patirck
Guitar, Vocals – Dan Auerbach
Lyrics By – Dan Auerbach (tracks: A1 to A4, B1, B3 to B6)
Music By – Black Keys, The (tracks: A1 to A4, B1, B3 to B6)
Producer – Patrick Carney
Recorded By – Patrick Carney

All songs recorded and mixed December 2002 by Patrick Carney in Akron Ohio at Studio 45 using his patented recording technique called "Medium Fidelity" except "Set You Free" recorded 50% by Jeff Saltzman at Studio 880

The Black Keys are two guys from the American mid-west, hard as it to believe that only two people make this thick, rich audio gumbo. They play the blues, post-modern blues with licks of psychedelia and rockabilly, white mid-west blues, punk blues. They write original music, even though you'll swear some of those songs have got to be fifty or sixty years old. Can two white kids from Akron, Ohio play the blues with anything like conviction? Oh, yeah.
Patrick Carney plays drums, and he plays them heavy, the kick-drum thuds into your stomach, the cymbals are muted like they're coated with years of cigarette smoke from greasy clubs and roadhouses. This guy ain't a showoff drummer, he's a hold down the groove until you find yourself breathing in time sort of drummer.

Dan Auerbach plays guitar like he's stringing barbed wire, through an old Ampeg amplifier that is one gig short of meltdown. And he sings like he's done time in Mississippi jails, impossible, this guy is in his early twenties, where did he get the chops to stream that kind of pain through his voice? Can he write a blues lyric? "She want to get out the car, in the middle of the road, her screamin' and hollerin', it's getting mighty old," yup, he can.

This album reeks of cigarette smoke and beer and gasoline fumes, the whole tone reminds me of Exile on Main Street, it's gritty and earthy, three a.m. blues when the band is past caring about the audience and just playing their pain away.

So, The Black Keys, with a guitarist who sounds like he's channeling Elmore James and a drummer who sounds like an idling Chevy 327 with bad lifters are now on Fat Possum records, the real deal. Their music is thick enough to chew, it tips its hat to all the right forefathers

The Black Keys - Thickfreakness

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The Black Keys - Hard Row

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The Black Keys - Set You Free

Most bands today have like ONE good song and everything else is mediocre or sounds all the same. But the Black Keys are not most bands. They have so many damn good songs it's ridiculous. And they are so versatile its unbelievable, playing blues and rock songs that sound like they were taken straight out of the 60's and 80's yet still making them feel fresh like it's their own genre

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The Black Keys - Set You Free

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Condition New
Format LP
Label Fat Possum Records
Color Red