The Little Mermaid - Alan Menken - Disney OST 180 Grm Pic Disc LP

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The Little Mermaid

Label: Walt Disney Records
Cat#: D001988501
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Picture Disc
Hot Topic exclusive.
Limited to 4,500 copies.
Country: US
Released: 29 Apr 2014
Genre: Children's, Stage & Screen
Style: Score, Musical


A1 Fathoms Below 1:41
A2 Main Titles 1:26
A3 Fanfare 0:30
A4 Daughters Of Triton 0:40
A5 Part Of Your World 3:15
A6 Under The Sea 3:15
A7 Part Of Your World (Reprise) 2:18
A8 Poor Unfortunate Souls 4:51
A9 Les Poissons 1:36
A10 Kiss The Girl 2:43

B1 Fireworks 0:37
B2 Jig 1:35
B3 The Storm 3:20
B4 Destruction Of The Grotto 1:55
B5 Flotsam And Jetsam 1:25
B6 Tour Of The Kingdom 1:27
B7 Bedtime 1:23
B8 Wedding Announcement 2:19
B9 Eric To The Rescue 3:43
B10 Happy Ending 3:12

The Little Mermaid: An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack is the soundtrack to the 1989 Disney animated feature film, The Little Mermaid.

It contains the songs from the film written by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman, as well as the film’s score composed by Alan Menken. The score was orchestrated by Thomas Pasatieri.

The album received the Academy Award for Best Original Score and Best Original Song (for “Under the Sea”), and the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score.

The soundtrack was first released by Walt Disney Records on October 13, 1989 on both CD and cassette tape.

As part of five original Disney Soundtracks on limited edition vinyl double-sided picture discs. These picture discs are fantastic collectors’ items and great memorabilia pieces for Disney fans old and Young.

Originally released as Hot Topic exclusives in the U.S.

The Little Mermaid features Ariel and Flounder on one side while Ursula is featured on the reverse.

Before Broadway was Disneyfied and Times Square became a mall, the best Broadway musicals were being written for Disney animated features by Alan Menken and the late Howard Ashman. Their songs for The Little Mermaid created the mold from which their even more popular work (Beauty & the Beast, Aladdin) would be cast.

Almost every tune in Mermaid has its counterpart in Beauty, for example. But there's no topping the Oscar-winning calypso show-stopper, "Under the Sea"--in which a Caribbean crab convinces you that "Darlin' it's better/Down where it's wetter." Other songs, just as delightful, are even more impressive in the context of the movie.

The rapturous "Kiss the Girl" accompanies a scene in which, despite the whispered urgings of creatures all around, the romantic hero does not act on the title's advice! That's the kind of abstract dramatic (OK, comedic) conceit you'd expect from Harold Pinter rather than Disney.

And the gruesomely hilarious "Les Poissons" gives us a fisheye view of a kitchen where the seafood chef is a sort of French Ed Gein--a sadistic murderer who brutally tortures and chops up his victims, then eats them! Who says Disney never did black comedy? "...I stuff you with bread/It won't hurt, 'cause you're dead/And you're certainly lucky you are...." Lyricist Ashman may not have been Cole Porter, but he was the next best thing.

The songs, such as "Part of Your World" and "Under the Sea" are just as great as anything from the "classic era" and the score, although a shame that many people don't have enough interest to listen to it, is simply beautiful.

"The Little Mermaid" is a soundtrack worth having in your LP collection and will stand the test of time, right alongside of "Snow White", "Fantasia", "Cinderella", "The Lion King", and all the other wonderful Disney masterpieces.

From the moment the Prince's ship sails into the horizon, you get instantly captivated by this breath-taking score. And right throughout the movie the music enthralls you. One of the last collaborative efforts of Alan Menken and the late Howard Ashman, this magical soundtrack truly earns the title of a masterpiece.

The songs are excellent and vary from soothing ballads to beautifully styled Caribbean tunes. "Part of Your world" is unique; its haunting melody and Jodi Benson's mesmerizing voice (just listen to Ariel vocalizing) making it the best slow ballad ever heard on the silver screen. Samuel E. Wright's Caribbean vocals are the main highlights, with "Kiss the Girl" being a very tuneful, salsa number that has you swaying to its melody. "Les Poissons" in Rene Auberjonois' voice simply makes you giggle with laughter and Pat Carroll's "Poor unfortunate Souls" is a good villain song. "Under The Sea" truly is THE song of the movie, its Oscar-winning, foot tapping and humorous appeal making you want to listen to it over and over again.

The score, which earned Menken his first Academy Award, is outstanding and is easily one of the best scores in movie history. Later Menken efforts (like Aladdin and more recently Hercules) lack the magical charm so evidently present in The Little Mermaid.
"The Jig", "The Storm" and "Tour of the Kingdom" are definitely the finest sequences; the piano, strings, clarinet and drums conglomerate to produce a deeply invoking and overwhelming effect.

Menken masterfully utilizes a host of instruments to eminently bring out the joyful, tense and melancholy atmospheres. "Destruction of the Grotto" and "Wedding Announcement" are such fine illustrations of the tense moments. As is mostly the case where the composer gives both the movie's music as well as its score; many parts of the score borrow tunes from the songs and beautifully manipulate them to highlight the emotional and imploring parts.

"Bedtime" is a very good example of such a track, where the melody truly moves you. "Flotsam And Jetsam" portrays a dulcet sinister music, and "Eric to the Rescue" mixes all these ingredients into building up a captivating climax. "Happy Ending", which has a choral reprise of "Part of Your World", conveys the feeling of ecstasy and celebration.

The Little Mermaid - Part Of Your World

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The Little Mermaid - Under The Sea

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The Little Mermaid - Kiss the Girl

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