The Mississippi Sheiks - Complete Recorded Works Vol 5 - Delta Blues Folk 180 Grm LP

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The Mississippi Sheiks - Complete Recorded Works Vol 5

Label: Third Man Records
Cat#: TMR192
Series: Document Reissues – Volume 5
Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation, 180 Gram
Country: US
Released: 28 Jan 2014
Genre: Blues
Style: Delta Blues


A1 Lonesome Grave Took My Baby 3:10
A2 Pop Skull Blues 3:13
A3 Sweet Maggie 3:13
A4 Sales Tax 3:03
A5 It's Backfiring Now 2:42
A6 Lean To One Woman 2:58
A7 I Can't Go Wrong 3:05
A8 Dead Wagon Blues 2:59
A9 She's Going To Her Lonesome Grave 2:33

B1 Fingering With Your Fingers 2:42
B2 If You Don't Want Me Please Don't Dog Me Around 3:12
B3 Wake Me Just Before Day 2:49
B4 Old Grey Mule You Ain't What You Used To Be 2:49
B5 Waht's The Name Of That Thing 2:45
B6 Stir It Now 2:43
B7 Jumping Out Blues 2:42
B8 Radio Blues 3:12
B9 Please Don't Give My Love Away 2:52

The Mississippi Sheiks' Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order Volume 5 (March 27, 1934 - October 15, 1936) is released as part of Third Man Records' highly-anticipated Document Records reissue series and is pressed on black, 180g vinyl at United Record Pressing. The recordings presented in this reissue series are the building blocks and DNA of American culture. Blues, R&B, Elvis, teenagerism, punk all goes back to these vital, breathtaking recordings.

Third Man Records is proud to present these landmark albums in conjunction with Document Records, with brand new, jaw-dropping artwork by Rob Jones and new insightful liner notes, on vinyl for the first time in decades. Every record collection should have ample room for these highly important and endlessly listenable albums!

Third Man's excavation of the Document Records catalogue continues with these two new volumes of classic material by iconic blues trio the Mississippi Sheiks. Volumes Four and Five of the group's complete recorded works comprise the last of their extant recordings, mostly put to tape between 1934 and '35. These are deep, soulful guitar, fiddle, and vocal tunes that are raw, passionate, and filled with both emotion and sly, suggestive humor.

The Mississippi Sheiks (as well as all African American string bands) deserve recognition and should not be allowed to fade into musical obscurity. This rare and beautifully simple musical style is being carried on by today groups, such as the Nashville Bluegrass Band, whom constantly acknowledge Bluegrass's African American roots.

The Mississippi Sheiks were a popular and influential guitar and fiddle group of the 1930s. They were notable mostly for playing country blues but were adept at many styles of United States popular music of the time, and their records were bought by both black and white audiences. Country blues is often seen as being the domain of individual musicians, a stereotype propagated by the way such delta blues performers as Robert Johnson and Charley Patton have entered the popular consciousness. Of the smaller number of groups playing at the time, the Mississippi Sheiks are among the better known and most influential among their peers.

Mississippi Sheiks - Fingering With Your Fingers (1935)

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Mississippi Sheiks - Sales Tax

This is a great example of a verse/chorus song. The bare-bones honesty of the introduction and the lyrics make it a classic
The Sheiks deliver the goods musically in their distinctive style.

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Condition New
Format LP, 180 Gram
Label Third Man Records
Color Black