The Passenger - S/T - 2011 Vancouver BC IDM Ambient Acid Techno LP

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The Passenger - S/T

Private Label

Limited Edition
From Vancouver
IDM, Ambient  Techno Acid


Mr. Similar
Entitled One
Warm Winter

Flashed Through
That Time

Vancouver-based Jesse Creed has been producing and engineering electronic music for over 10 years. Jesse (aka “The Passenger”) appreciates a wide-range of music, especially dark and ambient segments of all genres.

The big, insistent tones of “Mr. Similar” open the track, and just as they get excessive, those tones turn into failing squiggles, darting around, a synth-clanky electronic beat wanders its way into the mix. twinkling space acid sounds shift that into even another combination.

The blend of twinkling, just-outside-of-lucid dance music and breezy atmosphere comes together in a mind-spinning collage of mix and match sounds that evoke some serious mental imagery.

A swarm of bees bursts through the seams in the intro of “Shirt”, synths stabbing out at a million different moments in a giant mass.

The small, warbling steps ringing out throughout “Wither” are like an ambulance stuck in the bottom of a river. These scenes drip and wilt like a bunch of failing Transformers, puddling into shapeshifting masses.

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Condition New
Format LP
Label Private Pressing
Color Black