The Resignators - See You In Hell - Australia Ska Punk LP

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The Resignators - See You In Hell!

Label: Care Factor Records
Vinyl LP
Genre: Punk, Ska
Country: Australia
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Track List :

01- See You In Hell 2:27
02- Rage 2:33
03- Told Me Twice 2:56
04- Sins Of The Father 4:02
05- Taco Burrito 2:39

06- Train Robbaz 3:20
07- Reasons Why 2:58
08- Booze And Tattoos 3:45
09- Shape I’m In 2:29
10- I Farken Love You (A Frankston Love Song)2:11

Melbourne City ska all-stars The Resignators, never knew back in 2005 that their infectious sound and trend defying style would take them around the world. As one of Australia's hardest working independent bands, The Resignators have seen it all, playing over 400 shows both nationally and internationally. This road hardened sextet know how to get any room of people on their feet and skanking to their Ska infused beats.

With ten tracks clocking in at just under half an hour, See You In Hell is an exhilarating collection of tunes that is sure to remind even the crustiest of punks and the most mulleted of bogans why ska was once so popular in Australia during the mid to late 90’s.

The album’s opening title track gets proceeding under way in almost perfect way; a massive vocal chant opens the piece, before the group’s pulverising brass section comes to the fore. As always, The Captain’s powerful lead vocals manage to cut through the mix loudly and clearly, driving the song with a narrative of a relationship gone sour that ends in homicide. Next up is a rerecording of “Rage” (which featured on the band’s last EP), a massive foot stomper which this time around has been superbly augmented by the addition of an understated keyboard line.

While The Resignators have definitely made a name for themselves as a high-energy ska-punk act, it is the more relaxed “Sins Of The Father” which stands out as perhaps See You In Hell’s best song. With a laid back and very Jamaican feel about it, the track is proof that the group can expand beyond their regular repertoire with great success when they put their minds to it. It is for similar reasons that the Mariachi themed “Train Robbaz” is so enjoyable; with the brass section well and truly in command of the situation, the song is sure to become a fan favourite.

Closing out the set is another rerecording, the quick paced yet extremely catchy “I Farken Love You (A Frankston Love Song)”. In many ways, the track is indicative of everything that The Resignators do so well; possessing strong and memorable vocal melodies, a tight performance from the rhythm section and some well placed brass leads all culminate in a brisk and exciting tune that is entirely danceable. All in all, it is a perfect culmination to a thoroughly enjoyable album.

The Resignators - See You in Hell

(Official Video)

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The Resignators @ Hepburn Springs Hotel - Shape I'm In

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The Resignators - Trainrobbaz

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The Resignators • "Sins of the Father" • Adelaide

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