The The – Soul Mining 1983 - Post-Punk Synth-Pop - Sealed LP

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The The – Soul Mining
Label:      Some Bizzare – 19658720241, Epic – 19658720241
Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Stereo
Reissued on vinyl for National Album Day.
Used the 30th Anniversary boxset remaster.
Barcode: 196587202415
Country:    UK & Europe
Released:   Oct 14, 2022
Genre:      Rock, Blues, Pop
Style:      New Wave, Indie Rock
A1          I've Been Waitin' For Tomorrow (All Of My Life)
A2          This Is The Day
A3          The Sinking Feeling
A4          Uncertain Smile
B1          The Twilight Hour
B2          Soul Mining
B3          Giant
(SputnikMusic) "Soul Mining is very much an angsty teenage album. Each track is splattered in emotional narrative, with themes of isolation, existential crises and unrequited love taking to the foreground in the lyrical content. That is not to say that the album is in any way unlistenable to the more carefree listener, in fact, the album’s catchy hooks and generally uptempo rhythmic drive make it accessible to any fan of the genre.
The album begins with the raucous “I’ve Been Waitin’ For Tomorrow”, a track which quickly establishes the general aesthetic of the album. From the countdown that begins this opening track, we are introduced to a minimalistic 80s dance beat that lasts for the duration of the song, and the characteristically sombre poetry of singer and lyricist Matt Johnson. The track swiftly progresses into an urgent flurry of synthesised sirens and anxious lyrics, providing a dramatic introduction to the album. While the best is yet to come, “This is the Day” remains one of the highlights of the album. The overall lyrical message of this song is so ambiguous that it is difficult to pinpoint the exact emotions that it evokes, however the upbeat and friendly music appears to be somewhat ironic against the apparent passiveness of the vocals. The accordion hook is really something, adding a strangely lively and feel-good flavour to the overall sound. The next track, “The Sinking Feeling”, really acts as a sign, pointing in the direction that the rest of the album follows. This track has a clearer lyrical contention, one of depression and anxiety, more specifically the pessimistic narrative of a teenager facing an existential crisis. The music in this song is driven by an uneasy synth riff and the reverb-drenched guitar of Johnny Marr, with the ironic addition of an up-tempo rhythmic pattern that is driven by keyboard claps and tambourine. Matt Johnson really shows off the expressive characteristics of his vocals in this track."
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