They Might Be Giants - Flood - 1990 Original Alt Rock LP

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They Might Be Giants - Flood

Label: Elektra
Cat#: 9 60907-1
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Gatefold
Country: US
Record: VG++
Gatefold Cover: VG+ VG++ minor cornerwear
Released: 15 Jan 1990
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock, Pop Rock


A1 Theme From Flood 0:29
A2 Birdhouse In Your Soul 3:15
A3 Lucky Ball & Chain 2:49
A4 Istanbul (Not Constantinople) 2:34
A5 Dead 2:54
A6 Your Racist Friend 2:53
A7 Particle Man 1:56
A8 Twisting 1:54
A9 We Want A Rock 2:54

B1 Someone Keeps Moving My Chair 2:19
B2 Hearing Aid 3:28
B3 Minimum Wage 0:44
B4 Letterbox 1:21
B5 Whistling In The Dark 3:25
B6 Hot Cha 1:33
B7 Women & Men 1:45
B8 Sapphire Bullets Of Pure Love 1:32
B9 They Might Be Giants 2:39
B10 Road Movie To Berlin 2:24

TMBG has always been a great reason for math and computer science majors to add a real rock album to their collection of John Williams and Weird Al records--and Flood is a bacchanalian celebration of dorkiness. Lifting off from their previous album, Lincoln, which was a sort of transitional hit-or-miss, Flood is a soaring, catchy sing-along album destined for people who love quoting Monty Python sketches. Try not singing the words to "Particle Man," "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)," or "Birdhouse in your Soul." (Apparently, "Particle Man" was so catchy that the song was later used as a sing-along in a cartoon show for children.) Combining a book-smart, funny love of history, junk culture, and film noir, this is the album to own. Put it on loud, sing along, and dance very, very badly.

This is an album that seems to receive more than its fair share of both praise and criticism. Some people seem to consider it the only worthwhile album They Might Be Giants have ever made (probably without having actually listened to any of their other albums), and I get the feeling that some TMBG fans consider this to be the band's weakest work simply because it IS the most popular.

Personally, I would take a middle ground here; it is certainly not TMBG's best work, but it IS a solid effort, and a good place for potential fans to start. Most of the songs have a fun, accessible kind of sound, welcoming fans and non-fans alike. People tend to have widely varying opinions on which Flood tracks are the best, but just about everyone can agree that one of the highlights is the famous "Birdhouse In Your Soul," an excellent pop song about a nightlight. Other personal favorites include "We Want A Rock," a song featuring a violin and lyrics about prosthetic foreheads and winding string around rocks; "Whistling In The Dark," with similarly odd and amusing lyrics (although the chorus can get a bit tedious) and a clever horn arrangement; the fast-paced "Letterbox"; and the slow piano-sing-along-type "Dead."

Quite frankly, there isn't much on this album that I DON'T like, although the extended ending to "Hearing Aid" (featuring about a minute of the sound of machinery breaking down) comes close, and I've grown rather tired of "Particle Man," although that might be due simply to having heard it so many times; taken in and of itself, it's a cute little song, although not the one song I would want people to think of when someone mentions TMBG, which, unfortunately, it seems to have become.

They Might Be Giants - Whistling in the Dark

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They Might Be Giants - Birdhouse In Your Soul

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They Might be Giants - We Want a Rock

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