Thrice - Major Minor - 2011 Experimental Post Rock - Sealed Original Issue - Clear Blue Splatter Vinyl 2LP

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Thrice - Major/Minor

Label: Vagrant Records – VR686
Format: 2 × Vinyl, 12", Album, 45 RPM, Limited Edition, Clear W/ Blue Splatter
Artist notes on liner, comes with lyrics printed on insert.
Has Pic Inner sleeves and Pic Insert

First pressing limited to 4000 copies worldwide

New Sealed Original 2LP (Pic is our previous copy)
Country: US
Released: 06 Sep 2011
Genre: Rock
Style: Hardcore, Post Rock


Yellow Belly 3:58
Promises 4:09
Blinded 4:18

Cataracts 3:57
Call It In The Air 4:31
Treading Paper 4:37

Blur 3:04
Words In The Water 6:18

Listen Through Me 4:33
Anthology 4:28
Disarmed 4:45

Thrice has been a staple in the alternative-modern-rock world for nearly ten years now. With no real need for introduction, Thrice is known for effortlessly and continuously releasing groundbreaking records. Their eighth album Major/Minor is no exception.

Major/Minor was tracked and produced by long-time friend and Vheissu mixer, Dave Schiffman at Redbull Studios in Los Angeles. Much like Beggars, Major/Minor was derived in large part by jam sessions and is quite literally the brain-child of all four band members. "We have four very different minds in our band. We all enjoy very different areas of music, and share a very similar center, notes bassist Eddie. "The songs on Major/Minor are essentially the four of us fighting back and forth to get them to our most centered place."

The resulting tracks are well worth the fight. Major/Minor sheds light on a side of Thrice fans have yet to see. Comprised of eleven songs, the album possesses an analog warmth and organic landscape reminiscent of indie-music's predecessor; one of the biggest music trends to come from the underground in the 1990's. That's right, grunge. "When we first showed the demos to Dave, the first thing he said was `You guys know you wrote a grunge record, right?," laughs Teppei. "It's really funny becauseit hadn't really occurred to us. We just wrote what came naturally."

That's not to say Major/Minor is leaps and bounds from its forerunners. Traces of Beggars, Vheissu, and every other Thrice album are seamlessly laced between guitar driven rock songs paying tribute to the bands we all knew and loved growing up. And the vocals? Well it wouldn't be a Thrice album without Dustin Kensrue's thought provoking words spread over the sonic terrain of each song.

This band seems to be able to change their sound, and do it well, every single album. This quality is very rare in a band, and says loads about their talent. Major/Minor delivers such a wide array of rock from start to finish, and its quite entrancing. Don't expect to hear any synth on this record, just raw guitar greatness. Dustin's vocals are absolutely incredible, and the band as a whole has done a fantastic job with this one. Check out "Treading Paper", "Listen Through Me" and "Disarmed".

This is incredibly mature songwriting, both lyrically and musically. Kensrue's lyrics are poetic and profound. The music, written collaboratively, must have been written with the lyrics in mind, because the combination of music and word is seamless. Each song seems to be a study in contrasts, which makes the title Major/Minor very fitting. My favorite contrast is explored most explicitly in Words in the Water.

Personal favorites (so far): Blinded, Treading Paper, Words in the Water, Blur, Call It in the Air.

Thrice - Blinded

(Live at the Electric Factory)

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Thrice - Treading Paper

Live in Montreal @ Club Soda 19/10/11

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Format 2LP
Label Vagrant Records