Tron (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Wendy Carlos - 1982 OST - Audiophile Virgin Blue Vinyl - 180 Grm 2LP

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Wendy Carlos - Tron (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Conductor – Douglas Gamley
Orchestra – London Philharmonic Orchestra, The

Label: Audio Fidelity


Cat#: AFZLP2 177
Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition, Numbered, Stereo, 180gr, Gatefold, Blue
Limited Edition 3000
Audio Fidelity Pure Virgin Vinyl

Pressed By – Quality Record Pressings
Conductor – Douglas Gamley
Orchestra – London Philharmonic Orchestra, The
Country: USA, Canada & UK
Released: 21 Aug 2014
Genre: Electronic, Jazz, Classical, Stage & Screen
Style: Soundtrack


A1 Creation Of Tron
A2 Journey - Only Solutions
A3 We've Got Company
A4 Wormhole
A5 Ring Game And Escape
A6 Water Music And Tronaction

B1 Tron Scherzo
B2 Miracle And Magician
B3 Magic Landings
B4 Theme From Tron
B5 Journey - Only Solutions 1990's Theme
B6 Love Theme

C1 Tower Music - Let Us Pray
C2 The Light Sailer
C3 Sea Of Simulation

D1 A New Tron And The Mcp
D2 Anthem
D3 Ending Titles

Disney's pioneering 1982 effort in computer animation has garnered a small but devoted cult audience, despite--or perhaps because of--its now-dated, rudimentary vid-game aesthetic. But while designers Jean Giraud and Syd Mead gave its visual design a certain streamline moderne panache, its musical score attempts a similar back-to-the-future fusion with somewhat more mixed results. Given the composer's often chilling, landmark synthesized score work a decade earlier on Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange, Wendy Carlos seemed like an apt choice for Tron.

Those fond of her solo work and collaboration with Kubrick on Orange (and The Shining) will find familiar charms in "Water, Music, and TRONaction," "TRONscherzo" and "Theme from TRON." Journey's "Only Solutions" and now all-too-ironic "1990's Theme" further fix the score firmly in the '80s.

The album has been completely remastered with the full assistance of the composer, Wendy Carlos. The LP's liner notes include a recent interview with Carlos, who details the creation of the unique digital/orchestral score that accompanies the on-screen computer animation. Being something of a novice when it comes to modern music composition, many of the terms sailed clear over my head, but she managed to provide more than enough context to make her descriptions make sense.

On to the tracks: All the tracks from the original LP soundtrack are here, arranged in an order reasonably consistent with the progress of the film. What makes this soundtrack so intriguing is not so much how it evokes memories of the film (which it certainly does) but how the merger of sythesized music with the work of a symphony orchestra came across so well. Considering the movie itself was a merger of traditional film techniques with cutting-edge (for the early 80s) computer animation, the fact that the soundtrack is similarly composed makes it that much more engrossing.

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Condition New
Format 2LP
Label Audio Fidelity
Color Blue