Warsaw - Warsaw - Joy Division - Limited 1000 Copies - 1977 Post Punk 180 Grm LP

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Warsaw - Warsaw

Label: Vinyl Passion
Cat#: VP 80000
Format: Vinyl, LP, Reissue, Unofficial Release, Limited Edition
Country: Netherlands
Limited edition of 1000 copies on 180gm vinyl.
Released: 2007
1994 compilation
1977 recording
Genre: Rock
Style: New Wave, Punk


A1 The Drawback 1:44
A2 Leaders Of Men 2:22
A3 They Walked In Line 2:41
A4 Failures 2:30
A5 Novelty 3:50
A6 No Love Lost 4:51
A7 Transmission 4:16
A8 Living In The Ice Age 2:27

B1 Interzone 2:10
B2 Warsaw 2:13
B3 Shadowplay 4:02
B4 As You Said 1:55

Bonus Tracks
B5 Inside The Line 2:45
B6 Gutz 2:00
B7 At A Later Date 3:15
B8 The Kill 3:10
B9 You're No Good For Me 2:02

Phonographic Copyright (p) – BCD B.V.
Copyright (c) – BCD B.V.
Licensed From – Intermusic S.A.
Recorded At – Arrow Studios
Recorded At – Britannia Row Studios
Recorded At – Pennine Sound Studios

In order to avoid confusion with the London punk band Warsaw Pakt, the band renamed themselves Joy Division in early 1978, borrowing their new name from the prostitution wing of a Nazi concentration camp mentioned in the 1955 novel House of Dolls. In December, the group recorded what became their debut EP, An Ideal for Living, at Pennine Sound Studio and played their final gig as Warsaw on New Year's Eve at The Swinging Apple in Liverpool. Billed as Warsaw to ensure an audience, the band played their first gig as Joy Division on 25 January 1978 at Pip's Disco in Manchester.

1994 reissue of compilation of 1977 recordings by Warsaw, an early moniker for the Mancunian act Joy Division. Although the band's more famous moniker was not yet in place, their intensity and mystery was. From Peter Hook's bass and Bernard Sumner's guitar to Ian Curtis' haunting vocals, this collection is a candid audio view of a band just about ready to explode.

This pressing features 17 raw, but respectable cuts, including five , 'Inside The Line', 'At A Later Date', 'Guts', 'The Kill' and 'You're No Good For Me'. Others include 'Failures', 'Leaders Of Men', 'They Walked Inline', 'Novelty', 'No Love Lost', 'Transmission', 'Living In The Ice Age', 'Interzone', 'Warsaw' and 'Shadowplay'.

If you want early joy division without the processed drums, intense reverb and the heavy darkness, this album is for you. I pretty much learned how to play GOOD punk guitar by listening to this music. Raw British tone with childlike blasts up and down the blues scales make this record full of energy and great sounding riffs.

I especially like the version of "interzone" found here. It is much more stripped down and punk. The drums sound real and live, unlike that (...) drum machine tone on the later version. The vocals are similar to the Keith Morris era of black flag, high and dry.

If you are into wire (pink flag) and gang of four (entertainment) -- (and for some strange reason aren't hip to the warsaw trip), you've gotta get this.

This is the material that would become Joy Division. Early may '78 recordings, Having just acquired Stephen Morris as a drummer, who skeleton-ized their style, completing it, giving some structure upon which to hang the flesh, blood and bile.

The band would walk away from these sessions- in pert because a producer added some synth to the final mix, so as to temper the punk style. warsaw didn't like that, it would seem. ultimately, this was used to attempt to barter a deal with RCA- a project that was eventually abandoned... now it's this import.

When you compare this with what they were doing less than two years later on 'Closer,' you kinda have to marvel. Such evolution is like time-lapse photography. It boggles the heart and soul...

"Leaders of Men," a classic track. Ian sounds haunted.

"Failures," This is a rollicking good time. Shout along chorus. Thumping bass.

"Novelty," is, IMHO, the best version of this song. A dated song- not as good as later stuff, it suits this raw style.

"Transmission," is uniquely odd. Full of what the spaceballs guy would call, 'the beeps, the sweeps and the creeps.' Long version, very urgent. Good vocal tone. Thick drums. Great version that sounds like no other.

"Interzone," sounds raw as hell. The drums are nice. Brutal. The howls are nice. Ron Asheton is channeled in the guitar riff.

"Livin In the Ice Age," This was before Hook adopted the high-register/melodic bass-stylings that would become a JD staple. I still like it, though...

"Shadowplay" is raw and spare. GREAT TUNE! Great early recording. The vox are ominous and bratty- you can hear the influences of Iggy and Bowie on Ian, he sounds like jagger towards the end ("I did evrythin. Evrythin I cud dew"). I like this a lot.

Warsaw - Interzone

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Joy Division - Shadowplay - Warsaw Version

"Shadowplay" is raw and spare. GREAT TUNE! Great early recording. The vox are ominous and bratty- you can hear the influences of Iggy and Bowie on Ian, he sounds like jagger towards the end

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/-vfwv2SUMRc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Warsaw (Joy Division) - Transmission

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Format LP
Label Vinyl Passion
Artist Joy Division