Washed Out - Within and Without - 2011 Chillwave Indie Synth Downtempo - White Vinyl - Mint Cover Sealed LP

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Washed Out - Within and Without

Label: Sub Pop
Cat#: SP 945
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, White
Country: US
Released: 12 Jul 2011
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental Indie Synth


A1 Eyes Be Closed
A2 Echoes
A3 Amore Fati
A4 Soft

B1 Far Away
B2 Before
B3 You And I
Featuring – Caroline Polachek
B4 Within And Without
B5 A Dedication

Within and Without is the debut studio album by American chillwave artist Washed Out, released on July 6, 2011 by Sub Pop. The album debuted at number twenty-six on the Billboard 200 with first-week sales of 15,000 copies, and by July 2013, it had sold 89,000 copies in the United States.

Slant Magazine's Kevin Liedel praised its juxtaposition of "warm, decades-old retrograde styles with the despondent, isolated, and decidedly modern mood of [Ernest] Greene's alienated narratives ... Melodies and instrumentation are infused with sunny, tender basslines and mellow synths that harken back to soft, '70s-era R&B rhythms, electrified '80s pop, and synth-heavy shoegaze, while Greene's muffled vocals and haunting atmospherics provide angst-ridden counterpoints."

Washed Out is the undisputed king of chillwave. While there were a number of bedroom artists starting the chillwave [r]evolution in 2009, he was the one that stood out the most, since his songs were spot-on in what made the genre interesting: remembering the care-free '80s era through a distorted glass. Songs like "New Theory", "Feel it all Around", and "Belong" will continue to be representative for at least another 30 years from now.

His new album is still consistent with chillwave, but it's not as memorable. I'm sorry to say that "Within and Without" has no strong melodies the way his previous EP and cassette releases had. All the songs in it are good, but none stands out as "classic", possibly with the exception of "You and I", which was written in 2009, back when Washed Out was writing the rest of his amazing music. But all the newer songs in it are "meh".

If you want to listen to Washed Out's amazing music, search on YouTube for the songs "Luck", and "Good Luck". Few people know about these gems (they were only released on cassette), but they're some of the best chillwave tracks ever written. This new album has no such tracks (at least not with their current mixing).

Washed Out - Within and Without (Full Album)

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Washed Out - Eyes Be Closed

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Washed Out - A Dedication

there is so much pain in this song. you can feel that numbness in the back of your head seeping in, and yet you still desire to fight it, to fight for what you used to have, to hold onto that dreamland where you believed in love and passion and you thought you would never let go. and yet deep down you know there's nothing you can do when things are falling apart, no matter how much you love each other. one of those rare songs that expresses a mood that we may all find ourselves in some day...

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Washed Out - Within And Without (ALBUM TRAILER VIDEO)

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Washed Out - Amor Fati

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Format LP
Label Sub Pop
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