West Side Story - Leonard Bernstein - 1985 Original German Issue - Opera Musical 2LP

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West Side Story - Leonard Bernstein

Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Cat#: 415 253-1
Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album
Record: VG++
Cover: VG+ VG++ slightest of bent corner
Country: Germany
Released: 1985
Genre: Classical, Stage & Screen
Style: Modern, Musical


Act I

A1 No. 1 Prologue 4:05
A2 No. 2 Jet Song 3:11
A3 No. 3 Something's Coming 2:32
A4 No. 4 The Dance At The Gym: Blues - Promenade - Mambo - Cha-Cha 7:45

B1 No. 5 Maria 15:19
B2 No. 6 Balcony Scene 7:29
B3 No. 7 America 4:48

C1 No. 8 Cool 4:36
C2 No. 9 One Hand, One Heart 5:38
C3 No. 10 Tonight 3:40
C4 No. 11 The Rumble 3:03

Act II

D1 No. 12 I Feel Pretty 3:21
D2 No. 13 Ballet Sequence 9:04
D3 No. 14 Gee, Officer Krupke 4:20
D4 No. 15 A Boy Like That / I Have Love 5:36
D5 No. 16 Taunting Scene 1:26
D6 No. 17 Finale 2:36

The whole cast is doing an excellent job on this recording. José Carreras is an exceptionally good Tony. His "Maria" is out of this world. And the duet "one hand, one heart" with Kiri Te Kanawa is heart-wrenching. "Tonight" is also outstanding. Something that never ceases to amaze me about him is his ability to make his voice express exactly what he's singing about. In the song "something's coming" he's singing ...."around the corner or whistling down the river".... You get the feeling that something's really whistling down the river. Listen and you'll understand what I'm talking about.

Kiri Te Kanawa is better here than in many of her other recordings. Sometimes she sounds very, very posh when singing, but it's hard to beat her in the duets "a boy like that" and "I have a love", performed with Tatiya Troyanos.

The song "America" makes you wanna get up and dance. And so does "Gee, officer Krupke". The songs have an energy and a freshness about them that makes you unable to sit still. In addition they're quite funny and you just have to laugh.

However, in the end Tony gets shot, leaving you devastated when he dies. I always get this strange "void" inside after hearing the final song where Tony suddenly stops singing and you realize that he's actually dead.

Due to the fact that Leonard Bernstein is conducting the play himself one must assume that this is the recording he would choose, since he most probably made the whole cast perform just the way he intended them to when he wrote this music. And what's good enough for Leonard Bernstein certainly works for me!

West Side Story - Maria (Carreras)

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Kiri Te Kanawa - The Making of West Side Story Documentary

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