White Ash Falls - By The River Bend - White Vinyl Vancouver Alt Country Indie Folk LP

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White Ash Falls - By The River Bend

Light Organ Records
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White Vinyl
Gatefold Cover
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Indie Folk Rock
Vancouver Canada


Side A

1. Hong Kong Blues

2. Your Song

3. I Can't Get Tomorrow

4. Don't Let It Go Down

5. Katie Cruel

Side B

6. Whatever You Want

7. Winter's Darkness

8. White Ash Falls

9. The Rain Came

After touring the country with one of the most harmonious, melodic bands (and Blue Jays hype men), hearing Andy Bishop’s fractured take on Hoagy Carmichael’s “Hong Kong Blues” is jarring. The spare picks and down and out tale are also the perfect choice for Bishop to showcase his own sound as White Ash Falls.

Andy’s debut LP, By The River Bend is intimate and heartfelt, which is surprising when you hear the different textures offered up.

The folk/alt.country songs grow with swells of choral backing, layers of steel, harmonica and percussion, but Bishop and his cast of supporting players manage to keep a timeless sound feeling fresh and spontaneous. Spacy backdrops and subtle keys give the record some punch and break up the listen nicely, providing Bishop more influences to experiment with (he even hints at a little Neil Finn when he offers up his take of “Katie Cruel”).

The record might seem unassuming on first listen, but as you settle in, the strength of the harmonies (“Winter’s Darkness) give the most tender moments a spiritual feel and the band adds surprising weight to the builds to deliver a surprising impact when asked.

Vancouver musician Andy Bishop has played in Yukon Blonde, Twin River and Red Cedar, in addition to his solo project White Ash Falls. Now he's preparing to release his debut solo record under that moniker, which is titled By the River Bend and set to arrive on September 4 through Light Organ Records.

Speaking about the musical direction of White Ash Falls, Bishop said in a press release: "I've played in punk bands. I've done just about everything, but I've always had a thing for folk music. With other types of music, I feel like I'm writing for that genre. Whereas for White Ash Falls, I'm writing for myself, and this is what comes out."

The folksy-sounding record isn't just a one-man show, though. Bishop says he views it as "a collective," with collaborators coming and going based on their schedules. While boasting a number of originals, the record also features covers of Hoagy Carmichael's "Hong Kong Blues" and classic Scottish folk tune "Katie Cruel."

WHITE ASH FALLS - White Ash Falls

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